Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

released on May 10, 2022

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is an action RPG set in the same world as Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Featuring town-building mechanics, fast-paced combat, and important back-story for several of the Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes cast of characters.

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Likely never finishing this game, idgaf man.
It's a fetchquest simulator with mind-numbing combat and stiff animations
Excited for Hundred Heroes though. I guess a plus is that I got enough time to see some characters I'll recognize in the main game

Had a blast, wish there was more of it but it was fun.

A lightweight action RPG that also has that tag mechanic from fighting games that always feels good to hit. Did I NEED to crush a slime ten levels below into the earth with a five chain combo? Technically no, but it would feel wrong not to. Character and story-wise it's solid enough that in the end when the great evil is defeated by the power of friendship it feels earned. And "defeating evil with the power of friendship" is really all I need from every JRPG.

For what I assume must be a small budget, the game really pulls its weight in the visuals department looking quite nice and unique for a indie game. Gameplay wise the combat is good not great, it at least isn't frustrating most of the time ( although it feels too easy to get stun locked with multiple enemies). The quests were nice at first, it just ended up being way too many, I could of done with like a 25-30% Decrease in the total number of them. The story was just ok. it at least wasn't uninteresting. The music was good as well, nothing special though. all in all, truly the most 3/5 game I have almost ever played. Finishing this leaves me interested in how the full JRPG is going to turn out when it comes out later this year? looking forward to it!

Acabei de acabar de jogar Eyiuden Chronicle: Rising(Xbox Series S), e que joguinho gostosinho, quando comecei a jogar não dava tanto pra ele, tava jogando mais porque ele é prequel do muito aguardado por min Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes que promete ser um puta RPG, no fim das contas acabei adorando o tempo que passei nesse jogo, os graficos são simples mas muito bonitinhos, os personagens são carismaticos(principalmente a CJ e o Garoo) e a trilha sonora é muito gostosinha de se ouvir com algumas musicas ficando presas na cabeça como a Town 1 e Town 3, Dungeon 1(Great Forest), Dungeon 5 (Runebarrows). Enfim....recomendo fortemente pra quem curte ummbom Action-RPG com uma historia bacaninha(ainda que cliche).

with such a routine gameplay loop this was gonna need to excel somewhere else (whether with the combat, story, or otherwise) to balance it out if this went on for too long. in the end this went on for too long and didn't really have anything to offset it.
the combat is passable but becomes a monumental pain in the ass once you start getting mobs of stronger enemies, frequently with projectiles. meanwhile the story is skin and bones for 80% of the games duration until they realized that maybe they should build up towards the game that is following this and just dump everything on you. by that point i was already checked out due to fatigue but it just feels like an odd choice.
i'll keep an eye out for the full game when it comes though i'm not sure how much it will even have in common with this. i'll leave that as a surprise for another day. :)