Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

released on May 10, 2022

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

released on May 10, 2022

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is an action RPG set in the same world as Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Featuring town-building mechanics, fast-paced combat, and important back-story for several of the Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes cast of characters.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

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It's very very very repeatable, but it kind of works and it flows so fast and smooth that becomes enjoyable.

Murayamw diga-me: por que fizeste essa merda?

Many reviews I read went into detail about this game being forgettable and unremarkable, claiming it was basically some sort of errand simulator. That bit I do agree on.

And it's undeniable. It always feels like you're just getting started in the game because of how mundane every mission is. There are 31 main quests, but many more optional ones. However, in the context of the story, everything fits. In terms of your character, it makes sense. In regards to the gameplay, it was very satisfying for me.

The loop is: receive a main objective, then go talk to everyone else to get some side missions that could get completed on your way there, then come back to report, level up, find new faces and learn that your efforts are expanding the settlement, unlock some fancy new movements, gear up then do it all over again. I got addicted to it. The writing isn't stellar though it is very charismatic. It isn't deep, but still manages to be interesting.

I was suprised by how much I ended up liking the story and connecting with the characters. I was blown away by how much the gameplay evolved by the end of it, in terms of movements available for each of the characters, as in the beginning it felt kind of clunky.

It isn't a difficult experience, only experienced some spikes here and there but the game is (generally) generous, except in the final stretch. I ended up playing very little of the post-game content and didn't finish all of the missions available before finishing it, as it was about to leave Game Pass. I may end up buying it later.

Played for 21 hours and 29 minutes through Xbox Game Pass.

Loved this game. The town building / metroidvania mix was a cool mix. Also was an easy platinum for anyone looking to add to their trophy collection!

This game got me into achievement collecting!

I really enjoyed this simple precursor to the largely anticipated Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. With fun combat, a gorgeous art style and some quirky characters. This adds up to a really enjoyable experience. The game does reach a halt when more grinding comes into play with the new game+ post credits but the simple yet replayable level areas and bosses helped me breeze through this. Dialogue sometimes did go on for a little longer than needed and sometimes the quirkiness did overstep the boundaries of entertaining.

The only reason this took so long to finish was because I wasn't much of a completionist in games, I usually hit the credits and call it a day. The difference with this one was that I didn't stop thinking about it, so I just had to go back and play some more.

Would recommend if you're into metroidvania/hack n slash type games.

While the repetitive grind for materials and money among the simple questing gets old fast, it's a nice, concise introduction to the game's world and characters that did get me pumped to play Hundred Heroes.