released on Oct 14, 2021

In ElecHead you control a short circuiting robot called Elec, who electrically charges any object or structure they are in contact with.

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Perfect little puzzle platformer.

A fairly ingenious puzzle platformer that pulls off the Zelda trick of making the player feel smart. The visuals are so clear and tuned and the shocking electrification deaths often make me laugh with glee.

Feels a lot like a jam game expanded into a full product. Puzzles are constantly finding interesting ways to expand on the main mechanic. Simple but very fun and well designed :)

A polished Metroid-like puzzle platformer that works smoothly with its simple presentation and electric conductivity mechanics that are conveyed through the design without using a single word (not even in the menus or the achievements). It throws some good ideas around and the collectibles aren't as easy to get and one may initially think. The soundtrack isn't great though, being not that notable through most of the playthrough, but the presentation is alright.

Lovely little platformer, with a neat pace of new ideas to work with. A couple of moments where pixel-perfect precision is required, and some unclear signposting that forced me to turn to a walkthrough, knock the star off.

Um joguinho de resolução de puzzles, que vai te fazer quebrar bem a cabeça pra desvendá-los em alguns momentos. Bem curtinho, simples e mecânicas bem feitinhas, mas nada muito marcante.