Final Fantasy VII

released on Aug 14, 2012

A port of Final Fantasy VII

In addition to graphical resolution improvements to the previous port, this re-release of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII also featured cloud saving, as well as unlockable achievements and a Character Booster feature. The consoles versions of Final Fantasy VII are based on the PC re-release, some little graphical improvements were made.

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A good rpg. I didn't have the nostalgia to factor in, but I did enjoy it thoroughly.

i really like the story of this game
the gameplay though yahhhhhh...

While the gameplay has aged really poorly in a lot of places (most notably the minigames), I had an overall great experience. The story and characters are all great, and the combat is good enough to make playing through the game an enjoyable time in spite of its age.

This blew my fucking mind.
This game came out in 1997. After years of JRPGs on 16 bits
It always was near me on magazines or friends talking about but I was very new and honestly didn't like that much PS1 games.
What this game did is fucking amazing..the scope of the story, the minigames..jesus, I'm so blown away
And it held me glued to the game on the week Tears of the Kingdom came out!
There is a lot of jank and the story pace is a bit fuzzy, but I can overlook all that. What I really disliked was not having an autosave on the remaster..come on even Mega Man did that, but it was splendid living this for the first time!

Remains one of the greatest fucking games of all time. Has it's flaws due to its age, mostly navigation wise but its such a masterpiece you can look through that. Soundtrack, characters, combat, visuals are all kino