Fire Emblem Engage

released on Jan 20, 2023

Become the Divine Dragon and save the continent of Elyos!

Summon valiant heroes like Marth & Celica alongside a new cast of characters and engage in turn-based, tactical combat against a great evil in this new Fire Emblem story.

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Probably the most fun I've had playing a Fire Emblem game, while the story and characters take a massive backseat and are hilariously bland aside from a points near in the end (though not as bad as Fates' cast and story) though it's somewhat charming and puts more of a focus onto the real star: the gameplay.
The weapon triangle actually matters in this game making team balancing actually important, infantry units are no longer inferior to cavalry due to Chain Attacks, and the Emblems add such a cool element to the game, allowing you to bring your own bullshit in the same vein as the bosses furthering the strategy and difficulty.
To be hoenst, the only part of this game I didn't like was the Somneil, it's kinda funny how little there is to do with it to the point where it's questionable why it was even included. Not to say it's outright useless but it feels close to it.

A very fun RPG! The story was pretty good, but the characters really shined here for me. Having all the old characters return was a delight and the new ones were really good as well!

this is what happens when u make a fun, engaging(lol), FE game, with a lot of customization, well balanced (without the dlc), challenging, actually good map design, memorable and fun characters with a lot of personality
this is the case of a game that, may have it's flaws, namely on its story, but so much stuff compensates for it, and i think honestly with how fun the characters are the story barely even makes a scratch on its awesomeness

This game is silly but the gameplay was really nice, I can't really put my thoughts in to words because I don't really have any thoughts my head was completely empty while playing this game and it worked on it's favor
Still didn't surpass Ronde so that's an L for this game but other than that it's pretty good

Nice looking. Vibrant colours. Really fun gameplay. Excellent voice acting. Solid soundtrack, especially during Solm chapters. Decent challenge.
Not a good story. Cutscenes and support dialogues in this style do not work, in my opinion. Clipping is an issue and does not look good.
I had fun. There is defintely room for improvement in the storytelling department. Three Houses is still the best Fire Embelm to date

took me ~40hours to beat
i really enjoyed the mechanics of gameplay. i liked the emblem idea a lot- it allows for some really cool and powerful unit combinations and creations. i thought the story was whatever it was fine, bad dragon vs good dragon. and i hated the characters, some of the least engaging characters i've ever interacted with.
the other problem i have is with how much there is to do with micromanaging your units. you have fishing, cooking, petting the little mutant dog, collecting farm animals, upgrading emblem bonds, inheriting and unlocking skills, playing panzer dragoon, working out, dumping items into the well to get special items, using ore to level up your weapons, leveling up in the arena, and managing the social bonds of your characters. That's not including the challenge levels, the paralogues, or grinding corrupted fights. there's just a lot to do- and they all have really strong effects on your team and if you want to mid-max they're practically necessary. you can just ignore it, but ignoring +4str to all units next mission, or bond increases, or higher emblem ring stats, or having enough materials to upgrade your weapons for something viable. it's just- a lot of stuff that really bogged down my playthru that lead to me just racing thru the endgame just so i could finish.