Gran Turismo 7 brings together the very best features of the Real Driving Simulator. Whether you’re a competitive or casual racer, collector, tuner, livery designer or photographer – find your line with a staggering collection of game modes including fan-favorites like GT Campaign, Arcade and Driving School. With the reintroduction of the legendary GT Simulation Mode, buy, tune, race and sell your way through a rewarding solo campaign as you unlock new cars and challenges. And if you love going head-to-head with others, hone your skills and compete in the GT Sport Mode.

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A powerhouse of beauty and performance. Some questionable decisions made by Polyphony but gameplay wise, GT7 is crisp and a delight.

Une suite digne de ce nom. La campagne est le fun, le multijoueur est malade. Le jeu est beau comme jamais et ca feel encore comme un Gran Turismo.

Finished the single player campaign, now using the game solely for multiplayer. Best racing sim available.

Microtransactions? nah i'm good

Everything about its design is masterfully curated and refined, including the clever ways in which it is deeply aggravating and flawed. The gamefeel is so intrinsically enjoyable that I don't care that the entire structure of the game is built on training you to spend real money on fake cars. The UI design is so clever that I knew it couldn't be a new concept that anyone had for this installment. Every time I get one of those "gacha" style lootbox tickets, they show you five possible things you might get, I literally always get the smallest possible reward, and I must assume this is by design. I saved up for the fancy car I wanted only to realize A: the car looks cool but it actually kind of sucks to drive, and B: I'm playing this game in the minimal first person view anyway, I'm never gonna see that shit. Probably the best PlayStation game of the year, but it likely won't be remembered that way when the servers go down.

O jogo é incrível visualmente, tem uma ótima jogabilidade e uma boa variação de circuitos e veículos, o grande problema aqui tá na estrutura da campanha que é bem limitada e linear sendo bem sem graça e o sistema financeiro é horrível tendo que repetir alguns eventos muitas vezes só para comprar um carro clássico. É um jogo bem decepcionante e que desperdiça todo o potencial que poderia ter...