Graze Counter GM

released on Jan 18, 2023

A refreshing and highly re-playable bullet hell style shooter that WANTS you to play dangerously! Ride the razor's edge of life and death in this high-risk high-reward danger oriented arcade style shooting game.

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Wonderfully beginner friendly, great gameplay-based incentive for playing dangerously, silly characters, and just generally cute all around.

I enjoyed this ride quite a lot. Grinding up difficulties is fun. And we get more from GM from its initial release.
One thing I want to mention I kinda feel like the enemy variation is slightly weaker than in other shmups but I mean doesn’t change the fact that I enjoyed it and will return…..all few years maybe.

letting grazing account for something deeper than points feels like a missing link w these kinds of games. im sure this is already a mechanic in a dozen other danmaku joints but from the ones ive played this feels particularly fresh. great music and cute character designs, nonsense story, all im here for. good time.

Like the first one except better

As a casual player, pretty good! Very beginner friendly in a way where you're still learning a lot on easier difficulties. Lots of playable characters and playstyles which vary things up a lot. Sometimes you'll be playing a character that will wipe everything and other times you'll be getting surrounded waiting for the split second you can use your graze counter, it feels great! I'll probably return to get the Capitulation achievement when I've gotten my skills up a bit.