Hitman Trilogy

released on Jan 20, 2022

Get access to all three games in the World of Assassination trilogy. Embark on a globetrotting adventure and become Agent 47 in the ultimate spy-thriller story across more than 20 locations.

Unleash your creativity, track down your targets and enjoy unparalleled freedom of choice in meticulously detailed sandbox locations around the world.

This bundle includes everything you need to play the Standard Edition of each game in the trilogy.

The HITMAN Trilogy includes:
- HITMAN 1 Standard Edition
- HITMAN 2 Standard Edition
- HITMAN 3 Standard Edition

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The trilogy itself is just a work of art. The variety of environments are both visually striking and pretty unique one from another, no level feels the same, they are distinguishable. There's an endless amount of possibilities on how to perform a mission and there are even challenges an community contracts to keep the replayibility of the game alive.

This new HITMAN trilogy is one of the best experiences I've had in a videogame, it's something that I can't make justice explaining in just words, it's better if you experience it for yourself.

The Hitman Trilogy is a video game series that is well-known for its glamorization of violence. The protagonist of the series, Agent 47, is a cold-blooded killer who dispatches his targets with ruthless efficiency. While the games are admittedly violent, they are also incredibly satisfying to play.

There is something oddly satisfying about planning and carrying out a successful hit. The games give players a chance to step into the shoes of a professional killer and for a few hours, live out a fantasy of being an international assassin. It's a dark and twisted fantasy, but one that is undeniably entertaining.

The games also make players think about the morality of violence. Is it ever justified? When does it cross the line from self-defense to murder? The games don't provide easy answers to these questions, but they force players to consider them.

In a way, the Hitman Trilogy glamorizes violence by making it fun and exciting. But at the same time, the games also make players question the ethics of taking a human life. In the end, the trilogy is a complex and thought-provoking look at the nature of violence.

This is my all-encompassing review for all three games, though I haven't actually purchased and played this specific bundled package.

My favorite trilogy. It's really awesome to have all the maps under one umbrella in Hitman 3, with the minor improvements that have been made game-over-game. They kept with the same formula and I'm glad they didn't try to reinvent the wheel. All maps are such a cohesive and consistent package.

Yes, all three are very similar and work on the same formula. For me, they could keep making these forever and I would not complain. I really love these games. I've spent so much time in each map, some more than others, trying to achieve full mastery. They are true sandbox experiences. I love stealth. I love planning attacks and routes. I also love it when it goes bad and those plans change and improvisation is the key to survival. To me, these are as much puzzle games as they are stealth games. Playing each map for the first time, it's a total mystery. Until it isn't and the map unlocks its mysteries to you and unfolds in your brain, allowing you to become a master assassin. Knowing where things are, knowing every escape route, knowing all the A.I. behaviors of your targets. It's really a wonderful thing to master the puzzle of each map, becoming familiar with every nuance of every NPC, where every route or passage leads to, where certain important items are, etc.

The story here is excellent in my opinion. It's not an important part of the game, and you can very easily enjoy each game without paying attention to the story. It's concise, it's simple, but it's very cool. It's standard spy and conspiracy stuff at first, with a dark and increasingly sinister tone. But across all three games it evolves into a more personal story for 47. And it might not be obvious at first, but there's a decent amount of environmental story-telling in each map that adds to the overall world building.

This trilogy can also be really funny when it wants to be. And part of why it works so well is because it takes itself seriously and the humor doesn't feel out of place. It's not winking at the player, it's not done in a flippant or ironic way.

Mechanically, the combat isn't the best. If you want to play it like a shooter, you can, but you'd be missing out on what they're really going for here with the stealth. How it feels to shoot isn't nearly as finely tuned as in many other third person shooter titles. The significance of that comes down to how you want to play it. For me, it's nearly irrelevant because I focus so much on stealth. Shooting isn't without its merits, though. A situation can break down and you can find yourself gunning down targets and exploding things and there's certainly some enjoyment to be had doing that.

Graphically I think this game is pretty damn good all things considered. Each map feels like it has its own flavor. It's not going for anything mind blowing or artistic. The music is sparse but good at adding to the tone and weaves in and out of the action, or lack thereof. It's not as good or as prevalent as the Jasper Kyd compositions from games past.

There is some enjoyment to be had with the side content. Personally, I didn't care much for the sniper-only maps but they're a welcome add-on nonetheless and worth checking out. Escalations are challenging for the player who wants to truly test their stealth skills and knowledge of the maps. Custom maps are a neat concept, and the community has made some inventive and enjoyable ones. There's a thin multiplayer mode here that I have only played sparingly. As a concept it seems interesting but in execution it kind of falls flat.

What has really shined in these games in terms of side content is the elusive targets. Some of them have been so fun, so engaging, and so challenging. It gives the player a reason to check in regularly, and for me personally, I have enjoyed that very much. The stakes are high, you got one shot to do it. It can lead to really intense scenarios.

My biggest complaint, and it's more of a nitpick, is the NPC dialogue being all in english. I understand why that is because the maps go all over the world from France, to Italy, to India, and the devs don't have unlimited budgets and unlimited time. But in a perfect world, all the locals in all the maps would have accurate languages and accents for further immersion.

I'm excited for the extra content that IO has planned. The roguelike mode sounds awesome. And I always welcome more maps because I just fucking love these games so much.

Favorite maps from each game:
Hitman 1: Paris, Sapienza, Hokkaido
Hitman 2: Whittleton Creek, Isle of Sgail, New York
Hitman 3: Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin

Who am I kidding, I love every map. Just some more than others. Play these games! They're awesome.

I cannot fucking wait for Project 007.