Welcome to a vibrant world rich with the beauty of nature – but inhabited by awe-inspiring, highly advanced machines. As a young machine hunter named Aloy, you must unravel the mysteries of this world and find your own destiny.

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Super bland and forgettable plot and characters matched with a ubisoft tier open world design thats overly scripted and cinematic and unfun to replay... Botw rightfully over shadowed this nothing burger of a game

The story was really good, the characters weren't in it enough for them being forgettable to matter, the final boss sucked, the graphics are beautiful, but the highlight is defiantly the gameplay. Utilzing everything at your disposal to take down machines in unique ways is extremely fun, and taking down a massive machine always felt super satisfying.

The game gives you a million combat options and you need maybe two of them. A snoozer of a story. Environments are great. Excellent snow.

Platinum trophy earned; 100% progression reported in-game; all outfits, weapons and crafting upgrades acquired. It's taken a while for me finally to get to this game, but I'm immensely glad to have done so - Horizon very much justifies the positive reception that it's received, as it's an astoundingly good game. It wasn't quite able to topple Zelda as my game of the year for 2017, but it was a very close-run thing. Frankly, it's hard for me to find much in the way of flaws here - the game's world is large and beautiful, the story is compelling, combat is responsive and satisfying, and there's a great soundtrack behind it all.

The sequel came with my PS5 so I wanted to do this first. I enjoyed it a lot! I found the story a bit bland but the world and mechanics and exploration was really top tier. Will try the DLC pack before I get into Forbidden West

Esse é um jogo que mostra o quão poderosa é a marca Sony. Se o mesmo fosse lançado pela Ubisoft e fosse multiplatorma, eu duvido que as pessoas o considerassem tanto. É um produto Ok, investe muito na parte estética mas não traz nada além disso, nada que faça por merecer tantos elogios por parte da critica "especializada"