An action-adventure game in which a boy is abandoned and taken to a massive castle by his people. After exploring it for a while, he meets a girl who speaks a different language than him, then decides to get both of them out of the castle grounds by leading her along, in order to escape the shadow-like creatures that frequently try to kidnap the girl.

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i like to imagine i am the horny boy and the girl is pokimane, saving her from grandma

When we see a great film or finish reading a long novel, we have some words to describe our impressions.
But the game created by Fumito Ueda is very difficult to put into words.
But one thing is for sure. Fumito Ueda's games are more than just action games.
I'm hesitant to use the adjective "writer" for video games. But if it were allowed, Fumito Ueda would certainly be one of them.
I would like to write about what's in the game, but I don't seem to have the ability to do so. I'm sorry.

Kino. Simply kino. Seriously though it's great.

If you hate the concept of escort missions, stay far away from this game.