Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman

released on Mar 18, 1989

A crazy, yet genius professor named "Doc" sends two of his brand new and most skilled cyborgs against an army of evil machines that have taken over the city. With the help of their special suits and powerful energy-swords, they fight waves of enemies of increasing strength, as well as bigger and badder bosses until they eventually reach the lair of their furious leader - the evil Dark Skull.

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This game's controls feel like they were made to not be fun at times. The whole game is just kind of disappointing. It feels like they had cool ideas here but just didn't know how to do them well. It's annoying because I want to like it but it's only barely above being bad for me. Not knowing japanese didn't help either but that's more my fault.

Amateur programming and basic level design but at least has a simultaneous 2P co-op option.