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Would be a much more respectable first outing if its primary form of difficulty weren't camera angles and objects on timers - like holy SHIT, everything hazardous in this game is a matter of waiting for an instance timer. The fire turns on and off, the platforms go up and down, the lightning goes back and forth, the enemies is hostile except for a short window, so on and so forth. It's the lowest form of platforming game design at its most agonizing.

I appreciate this one tries to at least mimic the tone of Jurassic Park by going for a Flashback style thing where every platforming situation is extremely hostile and the dinosaurs have so much aggression by proxy of mass and limited ammo for dealing with them (though you get so much ammo it's hardly a problem). Unfortunately this game's programming is rotten like a corpse in the living room, even with nothing happening on screen the gameplay chugs to 15fps. Combine this with some generally low budget presentation, poor level design, awkward collisions, and checkpoints that are far too sparse, and you have a bit of a stinker. They re-use the intro T-rex animation so many times in so many ill-fitting places, man.

I get the impression this one's a victim of budget/time constraints, and if Blue Sky's following Rampage Edition is anything to go by, they were eager to give it a better go and just couldn't. Play that one instead - even if it's not very authentic to the movie.

It rocks but the balancing absolutely sucks and general fandom surrounding this game is super shitty tbh. It's weird how all the things character action game fans are comfortable harping about in this game (environmental graphics, writing, music) were all completely fine, but you say 'maybe i should start with more health' and the smelliest redditor hits you upside the head with a steel beam.