released on Jun 09, 2005

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released on Jun 09, 2005

Sneak into a world of underground assassins as Harman Smith, a man who manifests 7 deadly personalities, the killer7. Take control of this distinct murderers' row as they hunt down the sinister Kun Lan to thwart his plan of world dominance.

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We are constantly swirling in the stew of misery, confusion and powerlessness of capital. Every conspirator answers to someone else infinitely until the end of time, and nobody's even sure what they're conspiring toward. Enter the survival horror masterpiece, Killer7.

Few games shock me to my core like this one does. Every design decision is on-point, to the extent that explaining the game's intricacies gives too much away. Somehow an on-rails Playstation 2 rail shooter is the most liquid and heart-pounding shooter I've ever played. Any enemy encounter can be trivial or heart-pounding depending on the layout of the area and configuration of enemies. The fact that Ulmeyda's town or the final school level aren't mentioned in the same breath as the Spencer Mansion or RCPD is a travesty. Especially so considering the sheer expressionistic brilliance of the levels herein and the enigmatic beauty of its characters.

Suda51 gets written off as "janky weird fun" and other nonsense pretty frequently, but it's only half true. Sure the games are weird but the weirdness, like Lynch's weirdness or any other auteur's weirdness, exists to further express the themes. Suda51's characters speak gibberish and dress like anime characters because they're forcing you further into a state of bewilderment and alienating you from the world just as much as the characters do. He's so constantly forced into the "ooooo quirky" mold that his later titles feel forced into doing, losing their thematic weight. Killer7's reception made Grasshopper the most exciting studio making games at the time and may also have sealed their fate.

All said, I am so thankful games like this exist. It's rare a game matches its gameplay's depth with real narrative depth that feels so tied to gaming, especially now as more and more major releases ape prestige television's episodic-but-not structure. Killer7 is a rare game that makes me rethink and reevaluate games as an artform, and truly speaks to how wonderful the medium is.

We all could say that this games thematic density is intense and that it is an unsung masterpiece of artistic genius

But let's be real, the Russian Roulette scene IS peak fiction.

After getting it on the GameCube not long after its release, I finally sat down and put the time into Killer7 on the Steam release, and I'm glad I did!

It's a surreal and violent mystery that had me going "I have no idea what's going on" for basically the entirety of the game. It throws so many things at you that you're constantly trying to work out what's important and what isn't.
It really starts to come together toward the end (also raising even more questions) and hits a surprisingly emotional punch.

I think finally working through Twin Peaks (especially The Return) has really opened me up to just being carried through a mystery and trusting that it'll come to me in the end (or that some of it will come to nothing and that's okay).

I dunno man. It was really good. I think.

Mr Suda's wild ride, it's all a fun romp with little clue as to what is actually happening half the time but it's fun to watch anyways

Watch is the key word because the game itself is poorly explained in certain aspects, the map is lacking (where am I lol), enemy placement/respawns can be incredibly unfair and lead to brutal ambushes that can kill a Smith easily. Game gets better when you get the hang of it, but that will take far longer since the early levels are far harder than the later ones.

Somehow still great despite all these issues, because the spectacle is top notch. Game itself could have been tweaked more but the presentation is absolute peak.

Немношк поиграл, но она довольно странная и чем-то отталкивающая

I think that the perfect description for this game is "It is like a Japanese guy had a dream about an action movie from the 90s and put it in a video game script."