released on Jun 09, 2005

Sneak into a world of underground assassins as Harman Smith, a man who manifests 7 deadly personalities, the killer7. Take control of this distinct murderers' row as they hunt down the sinister Kun Lan to thwart his plan of world dominance.

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I'm not smart enough to know what the hell this game was about but uhhh it was fun shooting weird invisible monsters

suda51's love for western movies bleeds through in this incredible on-rails shooter. the game intentionally obfuscates a lot of its plot beats and it's quite literally unfinished, but as a result we have a surreal feeling disjointed narrative layered in stylish cel shading and action movie dialogue.
it's not just style, however. killer7, to me, seems to be trying to explore geopolitical conflicts and their seemingly endless repetition. kun lan and harman will continue to treat the world like their chessboard, with no regard for how all of the pieces are treated.

this game rewards the most stinky shit I played

"Master! We're in a tight spot!"
Man, I'm so disappointed. Not in the sense that Killer7 fell short of expectations or that it failed to meet them, that there has never been a game that feels interesting and unique, to which I can't seem to play. Born from the Capcom 5, Killer7 is nothing more than a weird and feverish cult classic born from the spirit of Suda himself. The Kill the Past series, or what I've played so far, is so innovative in itself. Flower, Sun and Rain, for example, unmistakably changed what it meant to be a walking simulator and had the story to tell the message to destroy the burden of your past. The mundane loop and gameplay , though tedious at first, hits slow and the game ends with one of Suda's strongest works in an outstanding series.

And Killer7?

I honestly don't know, I'm having a hard time getting anywhere far in the game. Weird Rail shooter/survival-horror-esque gameplay is probably not my thing. I don't like doing pausing and having to take my shots anxiously, I've always assumed this game to have fast and smoother action. The puzzles, in my opinion, do not match my assumed mood of Killer7. Weird, must-haves of survival horror are known their puzzles, Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil the works..I don't know, maybe I'll go back and try playing this. This is not a review or criticism of itself, in fact you should go install it and at least try it now. Just frustration that I can't seem to enjoy it as much as I wanted to. It sucks, everything surrounding the game is captivating and it tries to draw you in, but god it's a challenge to see this game's wonders. Just sadness, but nothing but respect for this title. Unsurprisingly, one of most bizarre works by Grasshopper and a style, direction and story that can never be replicated again. There will never be anything again like Killer7.
Except Hopper7.
Or Killer8.

"In the name of Harman..."

A wonderful surprise, in a "loving couple's unplanned first pregnancy" kind of way.

Harman the size of the world has changed, it's changed to the size where you can hold it just like a PDA. And the world will keep... Getting smaller