Kirby and the Forgotten Land

released on Mar 25, 2022

Join Kirby in an unforgettable journey through a mysterious world in a delightful 3D platforming adventure. Take control of the powerful pink puffball, Kirby, and move around freely in 3D stages as you discover a mysterious world with abandoned structures from a past civilization - like a shopping mall?! Copy enemies’ abilities like Sword and Ice and use them to attack and explore your surroundings! What journey awaits Kirby? Take a deep breath and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

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I really like this game Kyle (great game).

"Hahaha que fofo esse Kirby... Meu Deus, como eu vim parar aqui, eu só tenho 6 anos"

Forgotten Land brings Kirby to 3D, and I hope he stays. I was constantly appreciating the fun level design. The different environments look great! For a Kirby game in 3D I'd expect fun level design and abilities, which they nail both... but I was surprised by how well made the boss battles are!
Its a kids game, so the bosses aren't very tough, but they've got unique mechanics, telegraph well, and require you to actually learn their moves if you want to earn all of the Waddle Dee challenges.
There was something about it where I personally couldn't binge through this game, and its taken a few weeks to finish, but that's probably a me thing and not the game thing.

Wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as I did, I even 100% it

I really liked how they made Kirby into a 3D platformer. Not open-world, but I still think it worked. Felt a bit short

- beautiful and colorful locations throughout the entirety of the forgotten land
- consistent frame rate during all levels
- good soundtrack; with Faded Dream of a Psychomeddler being a personal favorite
- charming and likeable cast of characters
- the majority of levels are the perfect length, that regularly keep things interesting and include plenty of secrets to uncover
- late and post-game boss battles are frequently challenging and thrilling
- copy abilities provide more interesting ways to defeat enemies, in addition to revealing hidden star coin stashes and collectables
- finding blueprints is exciting, as they unlock new versions of specific copy abilities, which can potentially introduce new styles of play
- treasure road stages present a decent challenge, especially when attempting to conquer the target time
- post-game levels are tedious due to their length and inordinate amount of collectables
- some copy abilities feel overpowered, particularly Ice Blizzard and Gigant Sword, which are easily capable of nullifying most attacks, while simultaneously having the potential to deal respectable damage
- colosseum rewards are incredibly underwhelming, considering the time investment needed to complete each cup
- the quantity of rare stones required to fully upgrade the damage of copy abilities is excessive