Kirby: Canvas Curse

released on Mar 24, 2005

Your DS stylus has been infused with the power to paint! When Kirby gets turned into a ball by an evil witch, your hand-drawn rainbow paths become the only way he can find power-ups and reach the gates of each world. Draw loops to make him speed up, make ramps to jump danger, and draw walls to block laser beams and cannon blasts as you explore seven worlds packed with adventure! Get in touch: Stun enemies, break blocks, and much more - all with a touch of the stylus! Be a copycat: Tap Kirby to dash into enemies and copy their abilities. Eleven abilities in all! So many modes: Try timed challenges, take on bosses, or play simple but fun mini-games!

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Eu realmente queria ter gostado, de verdade
Em nenhum momento eu joguei esse jogo achando que não iria ser uma experiência boa, mas sério......Algumas fases desse jogo são simplesmente insuportáveis, principalmente as fases de água, quem jogou sabe, se você acha as fases de água de Sonic 1 ruins, tenta jogar as desse jogo sem se estressar
A gameplay também não me agradou, eu não acho ruim a idéia de controlar o Kirby com toques, afinal o Kirby Mass Attack é provavelmente o meu kirby favorito, e lá você também controla ele tocando na tela, mas a gameplay desse jogo em específico não me agradou, especialmente nas piores fases
Mas olhando pelo lado bom, o último chefe é realmente divertido

Anyone remember the commercial for this game where Kirby goes on a date with a finger?

Kirby is a ball now :) this is a fun lil puzzle game that I feel gets overlooked a ton do yourself a favor and give this cute momentum based puzzle a try

love this game but the underwater levels ruin it

Nintendo seems to allow for a little more experimentation with Kirby than with its other mascots. Canvas Curse is a good example, one clearly designed to emphasize playing with the stylus on the DS. For the most part, the design of indirectly controlling a rolling Kirby works. Abilities aren't the focus, but they can be fun when incorporated. Unfortunately, the final levels approach Kirby masochore and the final boss demands a precision that is out of place for the controls.

Surprisingly addictive. Kirby's super fun to control. I like how the level design still feels very much like your typical Kirby platformer, even with such a peculiar control scheme. Even when it got challenging, I felt compelled to try again and again. Although the 100% requirements are insane so I dipped on that front. Regardless, it's one of those fun hand-held spin-offs the DS did very well.