Magic Sword

released on Jun 23, 1990
by Capcom

Magic Sword is a 2D action side-scroller with a fantasy theme. The hero and his chosen accomplice must battle their way through a wizard's tower in a lust for monster slaying and loot.

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Played on Capcom Arcade Stadium.
Not bad

You can skip to level 35 if you want to, out of 50! I beat this game in like ten minutes.
How does that work in real life, anyway? Or in fantasy life, I guess. How does the hero start his quest and just skip over more than half of said quest? How menacing can these threshold guardians really be if he can just walk past them and be like “eh, not today, don’t really feel like it right now.” I’m not sure this is what Joseph Campbell had in mind when he coined the hero’s “refusal of the journey”

É um jogo legal, mas datado.
Para um "Beat n' Up" esse jogo fica pra trás em muitos sentidos, desde a gameplay em si que é totalmente 2D, sem NENHUMA profundidade, até a história base do jogo.
O jogo acaba entrando numa linearidade rapidamente, já que o avançar da história é maçante e repetitivo.
É um jogo bom, mas os contras e a falta de uma personalidade própria faz você enjoar do jogo rapidamente.

A good SNES action game that plays and sounds well. The floor system is unique and lets the player progress at whichever pace they desire. The powerups and partners keep the game from getting repetitive. You gotta have this for your snes collection, its that simple.

A neat action-platformer that flirts with RPG elements, with its (visually quite samey) branching paths and obtainable auto-helper characters.

Capcom Classics Collection Revisits #10
Despite the super generic name, Magic Sword is a pretty cool sidescrolling hack n' slasher and has a system where you rescue fellow heroes from jail cells who then proceed to fight by your side. It sucks you can only have one at a time, I guess it wouldn't have been fair if you could just slowly amass an army of warriors and curbstomp the final boss with 75 people. Also, Moai alert. 🗿
I think my favorite special interaction is that you can bribe the lizardman warriors into becoming your ally with the diamond ring, just a pretty cool little thing. The bosses though I think are pretty weak, they get reused quickly and they edit the dragon boss to make the "hydra" one. Notably the game also has a bit of a Streets of Rage-esque pick your ending type deal after beating the last boss, I like that the bad ending implies that the game's story is constantly looping with each "Lord Drokmar" just being the player character from the last completed game. That's probably not what actually happens, but that's my headcanon anyway.
Overall a bit quarter munchy in the second half, but hey what am I playing here? It was fun. They apparently named the Ninja ally "Gai", so here's Ninja Guy.