Mega Man X7

released on Jul 17, 2003

The plot of Mega Man X7 takes place in the 22nd century, during an age when humans coexist with humanoid robots called "Reploids". As some Reploids participate in violent and destructive crime, a police organization called the "Maverick Hunters" has been established to stamp out this activity. Maverick crime is rising in newly constructed cities. As this new crime wave hits, X retires, tired from the never-ending battles. A new group of vigilantes, Red Alert, is introduced. One of their members, Axl, decides he has had enough of their "murdering" and tries to leave the group. Red, the group's leader, is angered by Axl deserting, and goes on a rampage to get Axl back.

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this game is the reason why my wife divorced me, only good thing about this game is it's theme Code Crush

Talvez um dos Mega mans mais injustiçados.
MMX7 é um ambicioso salto para uma franquia que ainda engatinhava no mundo 3D e o resultado, por mais que não seja tão gracioso, ainda diverte e concentra muitas qualidades que vemos nos demais jogos da série X.
A trilha sonora é fantástica, os chefes são desafiadores e criativos em seu design e, claro, a ação ainda é frenética, senão um pouco lenta para os padrões vistos nos MM 2D.
Joguem a versão da legacy collection, ela estabiliza a framerate e deixa os carregamentos mais curtos.

I don't think I had fun with this game even once
It's sad. I wanted to have fun with this one

When people say "bad mega man x game" this is definitely the one they're talking about. And though I do have some praises for it.... yeah, this ain't good.
It's not a long game, either, it took me about 9 hours to complete it.
I like Axl, I really like the idea of him being more of a "bad boy" type at the beginning, while he slowly shows that he is actually pretty good.
It's quite a shame that, on the English version, they gave him the most annoying voice possible (well, to be frank that goes to the hyena boss). His voice in Japan is Minami Takayama, mostly known for voicing Envy in FMA and Hajime Hinata in Danganronpa, and she fits the character perfectly.
And I do like the idea of a rogue company besically taking the mantle of Hunting Mavericks as the Hunters are still on the process of rebuilding themselves, and X is going through.... a weird justification to not fighting (which I'm sure it's because X is so broken gameplay-wise that he'd make the game as easy as possible, so they have to hold him out for as long as possible).
As for the gameplay... uh.
Yeah, this is bad. There's no way around it. The camera angles are bad, Zero is just bad in general, X is too OP, and Axl.... is fine, actually.
It really feels like they were making this game specifically for Axl, considering the enemy placements and how they behave. Heck, Axl plays so fine he has a DODGE ROLL. Truly a Dark Souls moment.
Still, the absolute dread of saving the reploids when most of them are in the worst possible spot, and having to deal with enemies that just have too much hp.... it's like MMX5, but miles worse.
And as much as I praise the plot.... they still have to have Sigma as the villain, which just feels again, like an afterthought.
Overall, I dislike the game, though I do have some respect for the story and for what they were trying to do with the gameplay. Shame it didn't work out at all.

Game's got a good soundtrack, and tbh, that's all I can say it does well at. Practically everything else is borked for one reason or another, and it's a shame that this was the one and only time the series ever attempted to go 3D.