Mirror's Edge Catalyst

released on Jun 07, 2016

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is an action-adventure game and the prequel to Mirror's Edge. The story in the game explores the past of the protagonist Faith. Like in the previous game, the main gameplay in Mirror's Edge Catalyst involves traversing the city using parkour to reach certain objectives. Unlike the linear levels in Mirror's Edge, Mirror's Edge Catalyst features an open-world free-roaming environment. Combat has been overhauled and emphasized compared to the first game and Catalyst no longer allows the player to use weapons, instead focusing on melee attacks.

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Best parkour game I've ever played. I really like the way the world is design to tell you where you need to go or what you can interact with

Bon gameplay et direction artistique très cool mais histoire osef

its ok it was waterdown by mechanics that were popular at the time in triple A games

The visuals are great and the soundtrack is pretty good too. The gameplay felt more braindead than the first game and feels incredibly less rewarding with how easy it is to pull of really high jumps with little to no momentum and way less puzzle solving involved. The story had potential but it should've been written by a different person because it fell absolutely flat.
Overall, a huge disappointment but thanks solar fields for the score I guess

A unique and memorable experience due to the art direction and soundtrack. The story is weak, but I was able to create my own narrative with how I mentally wanted to interpret the game. Completed this game twice, so it definitely sits as one of my favorites games to date.