Mirror's Edge

released on Nov 11, 2008

In a perfect city, were crime is no more and where everything is monitored, you play as Faith; a courier who transports packages via the open rooftops of the city. These "couriers" are known as runners. Murder has come to this city, and now you are being hunted...

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Parkour games wish they were Mirror's Edge

Parkour felt amazing other than minor hiccups with grabbing onto pipes

Pensaba que lo había terminado, pero me falta un capítulo.

Must play if you like games with a lot of movement. Sadly, not much else going on except that but like, do you even need anything more???
Jokes aside, I wish there were a lot more parkour games with advanced movement mechanics ;(

Бегаем прыгаем зарядка на первом

"Run, Fight, Fall"
Story: Fate is a runner. You got her sister twisted some in some criminal activity. Your job is to run and find those involved in her framing. The bad guys aren’t who you think. And in the end we find the one responsible. She gets her sister back. But do we as the player get a good ending?
Gameplay: Parkour traversal is the star of the gameplay. At the time of release the game contained the best parkour system of any game at the time. Granted there were very few games at the time that had parkour. The combat in the game is forgetful and down right bad. Luckily you can avoid it entirely if you’re skilled enough with the parkour system.
Online: Originally there were two online focused modes. Speed runs and time trials. Both took segments from the campaign to play on for those modes. Now since those EA servers have been taken offline. They are just strictly local modes now.
Graphics: A showcase of DICE’s first iteration of the Frostbite engine. Up close textures look piss poor. But from a normal distance the art style allows things to hold up fairly well. There seems to be a lot of assets carried over from Battlefield Bad Company which they released prior. The weakest part of the presentation is everything associated with street level of the city. Models, animations, textures down there are of a PS2 era game.
Audio: This is where the frostbite shines. Everything had that realistic and punchy sound. From every tumble to gust of wind. The only thing a bit weak is some of the voice acting. Other than that the sound design will hold up for many years.
Performance/Bugs: Experienced stutters and frame drops when going between zones in a level. But only for a few seconds. Otherwise performance was fairly good. But it should be for a game as old as it is. With basic geometry.