Mirror's Edge

released on Nov 11, 2008

In a perfect city, were crime is no more and where everything is monitored, you play as Faith; a courier who transports packages via the open rooftops of the city. These "couriers" are known as runners. Murder has come to this city, and now you are being hunted...

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Mirror's Edge

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yo huyendo de los seguidores de la grasa cuando les joseo un curimomo :v

I have 3 main points about this game. The gameplay is great, the art direction is good and the story and writing are pretty bad.

It feels really good to move. It's smooth, it's fast and you feel like a superhero at times. Even though my space bar is busted as fuck running around was still snappy and responsive. Jumping off and on things has good impact and the sound design during running is awesome. I can tell that this game inspired the movement of a lot of modern games in this genre, Ghostrunner being an amazing example. This game at times gave me that same feeling of flow during running, albeit not to the extreme speed level of Ghostrunner.

Art direction.
The environments look amazing. Having a monotone backdrop splatted by very saturated colors gives a unique look and helps the player focus their eyes on where they need to go, the color red specifically saved for bits of the terrain that are the most important to you.
This feature sometimes felt like a double-edged sword though as I found myself focusing too much on finding the red bits and not finding an interesting way to traverse, also it would sometimes be confusing when there are pieces that are colored red and there is a box or something be tween them that you need to jump on that is just gray and I would keep trying to get from one red thing to the other not realizing that I'm missing a step in between because it's not colored. Still a very good use of color.
The art style of the cut scenes is also really good and gives a vibe of a late night cartoon made for teens that I think really fits the whole vibe of the game. I just wish they were done to a higher quality as the animation looks really bad at times, most of the time actually.

The story/writing.
It's a real mess, simple as that. I am a part of a revolutionary guerilla group that's fighting an oppressive government regime... and how is the government oppressing people exactly? Like what is happening other than just general oppression and mass surveillance? Also my sister, the driving force for me to keep pushing through the story, the person I'm risking my life to save, is a fucking cop that works for THAT SAME GOVERNMENT? Come the fuck on.
And then the ending, the fucking ending. When you get to the end the final person you kill isn't even the president that's "oppressing" everyone, it's that dumbass that caused you trouble like 2 times and that you have some weird history with. And then the game just ends with me hugging my sister on a rooftop???? THERE WERE ARMED SOLDIERS ON THERE DID THEY JUST POOF OUT OF EXISTENCE??? WHY IS NO ONE SHOOTING ME RIGHT NOW??? I AM ON TOP OF THE PRESIDENTS MAIN BUILDING AND I JUST GET TO HAVE THIS MOMENT WITH MY GOVERNMENT DOG SISTER AFTER DOING LITERALLY NOTHING TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM THAT'S "OPPRESSING" PEOPLE.
A real shit storm of a story that, I assume, was half assed due to the fact the main enjoyment in this game is the actual gameplay part, which, as I've said, rules.

Also it's really funny how bad the cops are at shooting.

It is just so fucking good man.

im on the edge to just say fuck valorant in each and every review but oh well

This has the same addictive quality as any other ps360 game I've replayed a lot

whoever designed the later levels, thank you for putting my uterus and stomach acid on edge.