Momodora: Moonlit Farewell

released on Jan 11, 2024

Join Momo, High Priestess of the village of Koho, as she embarks on a divine mission to save her people from imminent destruction at the hands of the demon hordes summoned by a malevolent bellringer.

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ends this great series in a very good way... classic for me of metroidvanias.

Goodbye Momodora

This game reminded me of Ender Lilies even though it has almost nothing in common. It was nice, tight, and a good 10 hours of metroidvania fun. Cute anime girls, cool bosses, dreamy music; I adored a lot of things about this game. The Sigils could have been space out better because I was doing alright throughout most of the game. Late game I got 3 sigils back to back and became an unstoppable monster, kinda flattened the endgame. Bombservice ended Momodora well and I will follow them to their next game.

Jogo fofinho e bacana, estilo bombservice dos antigos momodora, é legal pra passar o tempo, protagonista fofinha

The Famous "Point-and-Click Adventure" series continues as the titular Character Momodora digs, flies, and crawls through The Evil cyberworld of Dr. Momodora! Zero stars.

major step ups from momodora RUTM in nearly every way and more fun to play.

main focus in combat is the leaf this time, in RUTM bow got so overpowered in the end that I just used charge shot and obliterated the last boss's health bar but with this one I can say I rarely used the bow from start to finish, there are also varying bow sigils to try but because they drain your magic points and magic points are used for healing up its not worth it, if you are doing a challenge run like no hit/ no death, those bow sigils could come in handy, other than that yeah ranged is bad, at least the amount of extra special attacks in melee you can gain with sigils are fun and doesnt make you miss the bow that much.

exploration was very chill with question marks in areas you explored, you know something is there you'll get a neuron activation and start to hug the walls or spam jump or down+jump. I think I like the addition but I wouldnt want it in all metroidvanias I play, sometimes is fine.

final boss is lackuster just like RUTM but this time it redeems itself with nice visuals. 3-4 phases but low health pool Im sorry I dont even see all your moves because youre already dead in like what 1 minute, both games couldnt make the balance work