released on Feb 27, 2018

In Moss, players can reach out, touch, and interact with the environment while guiding Quill through her journey. As a character within the world, players will work together with Quill to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and conquer any danger that comes their way,” said Danny Bulla, co-founder and design director of Polyarc. “As gamers, we’ve been conditioned for years to hold a gamepad in our laps when playing games, letting our thumbs and fingers do the controlling. It has been a great experience to create an immersive game that encourages players to reach into and interact with a tactile world.

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Playing Moss in early 2022 was a lovely return to PS VR. There's something special about sitting in the wonderful little worlds of the characters we love, and Quill is no exception. The platforming is fun, with some neat secrets and extras along the way.
Puzzles felt inventive and leveraged the user's mobility to see available paths to great success.
It's great to traverse, but extensive combat sections often feel like a hassle and fall into the same pattern. Some challenges near the end left me a little sour and didn't feel completely fair.
The abrupt ending to the story greatly contextualizes "Moss Book II" releasing this spring, and certainly makes it sting less that I'm playing it nearly 4 years after release.

dá pra fazer carinho na quill (y) (y)

I enjoyed my time with this, one of the better VR games I've played. The trophy where you can't die at all fucked me up though, only one I'm missing

Every time I fired this game up I thought, wow this is so charming! I liked the setting and the overall story. It was fun interacting with Moss. I also really liked this third person format, lots of potential there. The game was shorter than I would have liked. Sometimes the controls didn’t feel tight enough and led to some frustration. And I didn’t love the parts where you had to flip through the story book, as they were slow and literally took you out of the game. But overall I liked it.