released on Feb 27, 2018


released on Feb 27, 2018

In Moss, players can reach out, touch, and interact with the environment while guiding Quill through her journey. As a character within the world, players will work together with Quill to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and conquer any danger that comes their way,” said Danny Bulla, co-founder and design director of Polyarc. “As gamers, we’ve been conditioned for years to hold a gamepad in our laps when playing games, letting our thumbs and fingers do the controlling. It has been a great experience to create an immersive game that encourages players to reach into and interact with a tactile world.

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Moss: Book II
Moss: Book II

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Cute and fun little VR puzzler/adventure

It's not a bad game, I just wasn't feeling like investing my time to play it further, at least on PSVR1. Maybe I'll try it on PSVR2 once, and hopefully, it'll feel better.

They should add an update where you can throw Moss around and juggle her.

Short and cute. The puzzles were enjoyable and I loved this perspective in VR. Being able to look at the tiny world as I moved Quill around was so cool. The only thing that got old was the combat which I felt at times dragged on a bit or took away from the puzzles and exploration.

Cute VR game which is actually designed to be played sitting.

I enjoyed every puzzle room, Quill's animations look really nice, music is fitting, though sometimes the sound effects can be a bit loud.

It feels aimed at kids with the story book presentation, I didn't really care for it, but I liked the gameplay and level design. Also, for some reason the "pits" or places where you'd expect to be completey black, are a dark shade of grey. Not sure if it's a design choice or a color reproduction problem with the PSVR2 port.

Took me 4 hours for a playthrough, I wish there was a collectible counter per screen and not per chapter so I knew where I missed something.

Highly recommend it on a sale or with the book 1 and 2 bundle.

Really made me FEEL like a spirit helping a mouse through a forest