Mother 3

released on Apr 20, 2006

A turn-based JRPG and sequel to EarthBound (1994) in which a tragedy surrounding a family in the primitive yet joyful village of Tazmily incites the coming-of-age story of Lucas, the family's younger son, who goes on perilous adventures along with his friends in order to find his missing brother and stop a group of masked men from bringing about the end of the world.

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Earthbound was a very good game that meant a lot to me as a kid. This game, however, is a pretty bad game. The art and music are good, and some of the writing is good, but it seems like most of the game is just HEY WASN'T EARTHBOUND WACKY??? LOOK HOW WACKY EVERYTHING IS!!!! The plot kinda meanders along for awhile until it literally dumps all over you halfway through. And the gameplay, good god the gameplay. All the RPG mechanics seemed very poorly designed and not balanced even slightly. There's a ton of incredibly stupid things in the game that do nothing except annoy the player (FUCK feeling feverish). Most of my enjoyment from this game was naming characters after friends and streaming it. The game itself was Not Good.

El mejor juego rpg muy fresco mi pana 10/diez

Heart wrenching final act, but I did miss Earthbound’s wackiness at every turn. As with most games like this, I found myself getting lost a lot, but the highs were very high.

What if a game just made you feel things, a lot.
What if a game made you miss things you never even had, but you can feel their absence and want that back.
Mother 3 evokes a sense of nostalgia and need for ideas of simplicity, but it doesn't point and say "look! we should go back to that!" it's an acknowledgement of the loss, and saying "it's okay to miss it and desire it, but you also have to grow around what is required of you."
It's a good piece of art. The input delay for the rhythm battling on Nintendo PC can be a little awkward, but... it's not necessary to beat the game.

Mother 3 takes everything great about Earthbound and improves it to become something special.
I won't go into the story in too much detail because it's the best part of the game. The general gist is that a mysterious force is invading an island. It's up to the people living there to figure out what's happening and how to stop them. This short sentence does not do this game justice, but I'd rather say nothing about the plot so you can have the best experience possible with this game. And it's different from other JRPGS, where it only gets good after 5 hours. No, Chapter 1 is the best intro to any video game story I have ever experienced. It perfectly sets the stage for what kind of story is about to be told.
Mother 3 isn’t a happy-go-lucky adventure like Earthbound. It is something more.
The best part is that even if the story is depressing, it still retains the charm of Earthbound. NPCs are still beaming with personality, and since the game primarily takes place in a single town, you get to see these characters change as the story progresses. I love walking around and seeing NPCs I haven’t talked to in a while and seeing what new things they have to say.
The gameplay is the same as Earthbound. It has traditional turn-based combat with, of course, the return of rolling HP. The main addition is how you can do extra damage if you time your attacks to the battle music. I couldn't get the most out of this system, mainly because it's challenging to pull off. But whenever I did, it felt satisfying. The sound that plays when you land a big combo is so good.
I appreciate how linear the game was. For most of the early chapters, you switch to different characters' perspectives. Due to the constant switching, It's almost impossible to get lost, which I appreciate after dealing with Earthbound's cryptic directions. The second half is where the game opens up more, but it’s still easy to figure out what to do next.
The music is fantastic. Mom's Hometown, Mr. Batty Twist, and the Love Theme are personal favorites.
I hope that one day Mother 3 gets officially localized by Nintendo. Everyone deserves to experience it. There may be a few aspects of the game hasn’t aged well, but I still want to see more people playing this game. It deserves the world. If you have any interest in experiencing Mother 3, do it. It's easily one of Nintendo's best RPGs.
Oh, and before I forget. Remember!
"Don't cry until it's over."