Mother 3

released on Apr 20, 2006

A turn-based JRPG and sequel to EarthBound (1994) in which a tragedy surrounding a family in the primitive yet joyful village of Tazmily incites the coming-of-age story of Lucas, the family's younger son, who goes on perilous adventures along with his friends in order to find his missing brother and stop a group of masked men from bringing about the end of the world.

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Named everyone very inappropriate names.

It's a fucking gameboy advance game that manages to be the best RPG I've ever played. I like Boney he goes bark bark

L'un des meilleurs JRPG que j'ai pu jouer si ce n'est le meilleur. Un jeu qui aura eu raison de moi et m'aura fais pleurer à la fin.

A very good game, if one that I did not become as attached to as Earthbound. Gameplay's a bit improved with less problems with item storage and save points and rhythm based bashing to have more player activity in turn based combat. While the story is a lot more involved than Earthbound's with some strong emotional points (especially at the end), I do think the early chapters switching focus between characters feels more scattershot, and the shifts between quirky and serious don't feel as earned as Earthbound's (very quirky but gets quite serious at the end) or Undertale's (good balance between quirky and serious). Still a worthy game that everyone should play, and one that Nintendo should make widely available at some point, even with its more adult subject matter

Mucha gente alaba el final de este juego pero hay unas veintitantas horas PERFECTAS antes de eso. La construcción de la historia de este juego es perfecta. El sistema de combate es entretenido. La música es sublime.
Y esta historia me ha desconsolado como nunca. Entiendo todo lo que se dice sobre este juego: Realmente Te parte la Madre 3.

best rhythm game that is not a rhythm game, perfect game, play it