Out There: Ω Edition

released on Feb 16, 2014

Out There is an award-winning space exploration game blending roguelike, resource management and interactive fiction.

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Ω Edition

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Despite the fact that you pilot a spaceship in this game, Out There features no combat, opting instead for a CYOA style gameplay with events and resource management that's limited to upgrades and survival.
I found the art and soundtrack to be very nice, but the gameplay is generally shallow and heavily reliant on RNG so I don't really see a reason to play it three more times just for some extra dialogue and a different ending.
As an example, you have to probe gas giants for fuel, in order to accomplish this you must first randomly find a system with gas giants, then you must spend some fuel and oxygen to get to the planet in question and, finally, select how much fuel you want to spend while probing, which determines how much fuel you can get, but investing more fuel also increases the chances of your probe sustaining damage or breaking. This is by far the most common thing you do in this game and it's basically spending a bunch of resources in hopes of getting some more of the same resources while making a positive return on investment you can then use in order to get to the next star system and repeat the process all over again. The only thing you can do to affect this loop is buy an upgrade that reduces the risk of resource extraction by decreasing resource costs.
Overall, I don't think there's anything outright wrong with Out There, it's just kind of boring because it plays like a flowchart.

It's a beautiful thing, to be in space.