I have too much time in my hands so I waste it on video games. I write reviews to preserve my fleeting memories of them.
I like strategy and RPGs most of all, but I'm also biased in favor of anything with a strong atmosphere or good writing.
Also, I apologize for any grammatical errors, English isn't my first language.
1 ★ = Trash.
2 ★ = Some redeeming value, but not recommended.
3 ★ = Good.
4 ★ = Excellent, easy recommendation.
5 ★ = Dream game.
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WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!
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Feb 28

A Robot Named Fight
A Robot Named Fight

Feb 26

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3

Feb 22

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Nov 27

Pokémon Emerald
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Sep 10

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A collection of psychotic minigames featuring Wario and company.
The meat of the game is definitely the arcade mode where you select the difficulty and try to complete as many minigames as possible with some unlockable extras as a reward since beating every main stage can't take you longer than a couple hours at most.
I really like the style and sound design of the game, but the minigames themselves can be a little repetitive as most of them consist solely on timing a single button press. If it wasn't for that I would consider the first WarioWare to be a must play because it's hilarous.

A Robot Named Fight! didn't exactly convince me that procedural generation is superior to hand crafted levels when it comes to metroidvanias, but it's still a technically impressive feat to actually make something like this, especially for a lone developer.
The game itself is quite fun too. I didn't like the movement at first but that's only because the mechanic has to accomodate for a random number of speed upgrades. However, I quickly got used to it.
The random upgrades for progression work really well too, although getting an otherwise useless ability to traverse the terrain instead of a shot modifier or weapon is still kinda lame. That's just how this genre works; not all runs can be winners.

Continuing the trend of every Tag Force title improving upon the last one, Tag Force 3 has got more cards and characters to either partner with or duel. Otherwise the title is really similar to past entries with the same setting, although it contains some new story for filthy dub watchers because it takes place during the fourth season of the anime.
These old Yu-Gi-Oh! games are great in the sense that they let you experience a slice of the game's history but it's unfortunate how it also forces you to participate in dumb trends from the time. A small amount of content is download exclusive which means you can't get it without cheats or completing like 90% of the game.
Apart from that the starting deck is still garbage. It's such a pain to start one of these games and spending the first hour grinding through packs to get the cards you actually want.
Overall, I think Tag Force 3 is great for the duel simulation aspect and fanservice, but I can't believe you still have to grind this much in the third entry.