I have too much time in my hands so I waste it on video games. I write reviews to preserve my fleeting memories of them.
I like strategy and RPGs most of all, but I'm also biased in favor of anything with a strong atmosphere or good writing.
Also, I apologize for any grammatical errors, English isn't my first language.

1 ★ = Trash.
2 ★ = Some redeeming value, but not recommended.
3 ★ = Good.
4 ★ = Excellent, easy recommendation.
5 ★ = Dream game.
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Yet another game I try in my quest to play something on my phone without resorting to emulation.
There isn't much to say as it's just another runner game, and not a particularly fun one because it's easy to lose due to pickups obstructing the view. Character cards are particularly bad.
On that note, that's the main way to unlock characters. The game is actually quite generous with them but as far as I can tell a legendary character is exactly the same as a common one.
Finally, your score is an arbitrary number times a multiplier instead of the distance traveled making it harder to figure out that you are actually not improving and higher scores are achieved through grinding instead of skill. What a joke.

My point of reference for the Elder Scrolls was Skyrim because that's the game I played when I was a teen and it's also the game everyone around my age, give or take 10 years, played when they were teens because Bethesda won't make another one and just keeps re-releasing the fifth installment in the series.
While Morrowind is significantly more complex, I don't think it's any more difficult and I would even dare say it's rather accessible all things considered. It's not hard to steamroll all challenges the game throws at you after the introduction which is great because levitating around dropping skeletons on people is a ton of fun.
Morrowind gives a new meaning to the word freedom in comparison to later installments and now I understand why some people complain about streamlining. Other mechanics have become more obtuse funnily enough, such as the UI.
Another aspect that people lament about newer installments is the quality of the writing and that one is also legitimate. Morrowind has an alien world with a unique culture and the story actually has interesting characters and such. Some of them have 6 lines total but that's all they needed to become iconic.
On a different note, some aspects about the game are not as nice. I enjoy the lack of quest markers because you can actually get lost and discover new things on the road to your destination, but when you really want to find something NPC indications are often lacking and that can be really frustrating before you get some form of advanced navigation.
I'm also not a fan of the stat growth system. It basically makes it so you have to grind non major/minor skills to get the optimal level ups and I think I'd rather play the game normally so I think it's ok if you mod that out to always give you +5s. One could also argue the game is not difficult enough to warrant that but it's still kind of a bummer to have to deal with that.
Speaking of mods, the game is also prone to bugging out but thankfully there's Open Morrowind if you want a smooth vanilla or even modded experience.
In conclusion, Morrowind is truly a game like no other. If you can get past the first couple hours when your character is slow as a snail, fails every cast and can't hit the broad side of a barn then the game becomes a lot of fun.
It's a shame Bethesda will never make another game as good as this and, even if they did, they would add some barbaric monetization to it.

As the sequel to one of the most beloved casual games from its time, Plants vs Zombies 2 had big shoes to fill.
I originally played the game back when I got my first smartphone and I ended up dropping it because of the frustrating energy system and paid plants.
10 years later and gaming has deterioted so much that I don't care anymore. Also, the main campaign can be played offline so what the heck?
I think the game is pretty good for the most part. I wouldn't recommend playing it over the first because it's a vastly different experience. The gameplay is more fast paced and sun is more abundant, making symmetry a liability and enabling the use of far more plants, especially instants, at the detriment of most cheap, early game attackers.
The game is divided into worlds, each with a different theme that adds some variation to both the visuals and the gameplay. I think the latter worlds are unnecesary long, but besides that I think it's all good. I think I wouldn't mind recommending the story mode.
However, as I hinted at before, this game is poisoned honey. Besides the campaign there are 2 other game modes, both online only and requiring heavy investment of either money or hours.
I can't fully recommend this game knowing that it's like a church next to a brothel, but the main campaign is pretty good. Just avoid the pay-to-play arena and Penny's time-gated bulletsponge extravaganza.