Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower

released on Jan 26, 2023

Pizza Tower

released on Jan 26, 2023

Pizza Tower is a 2D platformer mainly inspired by Wario Land and Earthworm Jim. The game has over-the-top hand-drawn animations and music. You play as Peppino Spaghetti, a manic pizza man with many abilities like charging, super jumping and dashing. Peppino has to go up each floor of the tower by finding keys, saving toppins folks and getting as many points as possible!

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bellisimo!!! extremely solid platformer, very very nice animation and gameplay. love it!!!

Nintendo didn't make more Wariolands, so a Indie made one

My favorite genre of games is the one where you see the game for the first game and think "that looks awesome!" and then proceed to not give it much thought afterwards, only to be pleasantly surprised when it ACTUALLY releases years after the fact. Struggling to come up with a name, but Pizza Tower fits that bill in my case.

A surprisingly cohesive game, I feel that the zany 90's cartoon aesthetic combined with the fast paced nature of the game is brilliant. The lunacy of the entire game also means that each level can introduce and play around with any theme/mechanic and still feels like it's not out of place. Very tightly designed, you'll zoom right past these levels and still manage to absorb all the information and understand what you're supposed to do and where to go. The bosses have the same core layout when it comes to defeating them, and yet it still finds a way to make them all stand out.

I don't think it's fair to call it a Wario Land clone. Like yeah it's obviously inspired by it, but there's sooooo much potential to take this style of game further. And with Pizza Tower's popularity I hope it inspires other devs to take a chance on it as well and innovate in their own unique way. We really have an opportunity here.

I just hope that we don't commit the same sins as our fallen brethren """Souls-like""" and start calling these """Wario-likes""" or """Pizza Tower clones""" cuz god would that be miserable.

Pretty damn good, but maybe not for me. I couldn’t get into the ranking system and therefore found progressing a bit boring. I may come back to it though.

i bet peppino's pizza tastes like shit