released on Jul 28, 2023

An expanded game of Pseudoregalia: Jam Ver.

Sybil finds herself in a distorted castle and must find her own way out. Grow strong and unlock new abilities to build up a deep movement system, fight enemies, find secrets, and uncover the mysteries of Castle Sansa.

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A 3D metroidvania with a really fluid movement system that makes it ungodly easy to sequence break, pull off impressive maneuvers, and make just running around really fun.
I will say that the controls aren't the tightest. They more than get the job done, but you can be trying to wall kick but the angle you're at makes you wall glide instead for example. Also it is a good thing that movement feels so fun, because it is easy to get lost. I'd recommend anyone playing this game goes in knowing they have to make a mental map, because that is half the battle.
Overall, I think some things were handled in a suboptimal way, but good lord this game is fun, and I can definitely see myself replaying it every now and then.

when the map update arrives, I'll be recommending this to all my friends. such a short n fun platformer that really gives you time and space to grow and experiment with its move set. haven't felt this much fun in a 3d space since Mario Odyssey

This Metroid Game was in the N64 Giga Leak, right?

Fun movement and exploration, no map is not great, basically no real story but it was enjoyable to play.

Dreamlike atmosphere reminiscent of games like Rascal and Glover in service of a game that isn't total dogshit.
Knows exactly how long it needs to be to work. Any longer and the lack of a map or fast travel would get frustrating; any shorter and it simply wouldn't have enough time to sink its claws into you.
Pseudoregalia shows that there's still a lot of room to explore 3D platforming as a method of expression in its own right rather than simply as a means to an end. If nothing else, it's a winner in my books for that reason.