Quake II

Quake II

released on Dec 09, 1997

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Quake II

released on Dec 09, 1997

Quake II is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Activision. It is not a direct sequel to Quake, id decided to revert to an existing trademark when they were unable to agree on a new name that did not violate another company's trademark.

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Quake II remains a historic milestone in terms of tech and multiplayer, but these days the single player campaign feels like it doesn't quite capture the same magic as the original Quake.

It lacks Quake's atmosphere, the weapons don't feel as good (how did we go from the Quake 1 rocket launcher to... this?), the drab industrial theme and generic sci-fi are huge downgrade from Quake's Lovecraftian horror/sci-fi mash up, the map system is novel but not especially interesting, the attempts to insert narrative are a complete waste of effort and the bosses are awful.

And yet, Quake II is still fun. It's still a blast to race through the levels to the pumping Sonic Mayhem soundtrack (a very different beast to Trent Rezner's original Quake soundtrack, but still awesome). It's a game that feels like more than the sum of its parts, and despite its flaws, is still well worth a play.

Por que sigo a tantos maricones que no le dan 10/10 a este juego?

antes me encantaba el juego,ahora no tanto....

pretty weak second half. poking around a corner 6 or 7 times to take out a guy with grenades gets old quick. i played it on hard but apparently enemies have even more health on nightmare. the game is topped off with an underwhelming final boss. surprisingly easy fps for the era it came out in.

side note, i wish the machine gun wasnt useless after you get the chain gun bc the recoil makes it pretty fun to use.

I had so much fun with this game. I even think this is probably one of the most fun 90's shooters ever. It's pretty much a party with bullets. And i even think that most of it's failures are actually what helps the game to be so fun.

Quake 1 has this dense atmosphere, that NIN soundtrack that makes everything more horror-themed, and those enemies that were actually kinda creepy, and
truly dangerous. Quake 2, instead, shows a really poor AI in enemies that aren't scary at all, while you go shooting around with the most-badass heavy metal soundtrack, so it's all about feeling good with no real challenge. And to me, that's fine. So if Quake 1 felt like a horror movie, Quake 2 is mostly a sci-fi rambo-like action film.

Weapons are overall better than Quake 1, and the level design is pretty much ok. Some units are actually very well done. i don't really mind about backtracking honestly, but that might be a bad thing for many.

In conclusion, you'll probably have much more fun with this game if you don't take FPS as if they were a competitive sport.