Radar Mission is a Nintendo Game Boy title developed and released in 1990 in Japan and North America by Nintendo. It was one of the earliest Game Boy titles, and was the first military-based game released for the Game Boy. On June 6, 2011, the game was re-released as a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console system via online distribution.

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I don't normally review direct board game adaptations, but since this one tacked on a sidescrolling shooter mode, I'll make an exception: I don't think Battleship is very fun, and the additional mode is a simplistic shooter at best.

why did I spend club Nintendo points on this?

When I picked this from my romlist I didn't expect to be Literally Battleship. Dead serious, it's just the Battleship board game. But that's not a condemnation from me man - growing up in a homeschooled family with a lot of siblings, Battleship was a great timekiller. Nowadays I don't have much to get out of a package like this, but if we had this back when we were younger, it would've been our number one car trip game, period. The visual dressing is really charming, the customization features for board controls is great, and lots of neat qol stuff. I think the only thing about the battleship component of the game is the aircraft option: When turned on, both players can spawn a random 1x1 size airplane around midgame, and it COMPLETELY fucks the game into complete guesswork. But it IS technically a toggle, so for as dumb as it is, it's completely optional.

They also got a 1st person submarine battle minigame in here I guess? It sucks, I didn't bother with it for more than a minute or two.