Resident Evil 5

released on Mar 05, 2009
by Capcom

Resident Evil 5 is the seventh video game in the Resident Evil series. It features similar gameplay to Resident Evil 4 utilizing the same over the shoulder view, but this time the environment plays a significant role. The player is now dependent on his partner more than in older games. When the partner's health bar drop down to 0, he will enter the dying stage where the health bar will flash red and gradually lower as he stays like this. Resident Evil 5 also features new types of enemies called Majini and mostly are of African descent.

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This is a leftover of Resident Evil 4, with an uninspired setting, story, and gameplay. It may be cool for some people on a very basic level, but it's a very bland game experience. It's not bad, it's just empty.

play multiplayer and chris is so cool

This is one of the best co-op games ever made so while the single player is lacking, having a friend to play with makes it super fun. Add co-op mercenaries on top of that as well.