Resident Evil Outbreak

released on Dec 11, 2003

Resident Evil Outbreak is a survival-horror game released exclusively for the PlayStation 2. The gameplay is similar to the previous Resident Evil games and consists mainly of exploring, solving puzzles, finding items and surviving. It was the first Resident Evil game with multiplayer capability, using the PlayStation 2's online network. Up to four players could participate simultaneously in one scenario. Alternately, in single-player mode, the player is accompanied by two AI-controlled characters.

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esse e o #File 2 são os reais RE Survivor Horror q existem , legal mas esse tem uns travamentos

Pretty dang fun coop OS RE game. Figuring out some of the puzzles while on a constant timer could be annoying at times, but for the most part, gameplay was on point, and cooperation with buds was a fun time.

Sabes que hubiera estado bueno ? que lo sacaran en pc

Incredible game, but very underrated.
Incredible graphics, super interesting history and mechanics and enormous difficulty.
I still play today!

my hot take is that this, with file#2, is probably my favourite entry in the resident evil series. it's entirely in the adaptable, exciting, varied, scenarios and character experimentation. each scenario has its own pros and cons but all are distinct and memorable; with jack's bar being one of my favourite experiences in all of gaming. there's undeniable nostalgia involved but I don't care. and that opening cutscene!

but to rank them:
jack's bar, as mentioned, perfect momentum and tutorial
the hive, atmospheric, great threat
hellfire, really excellent concept, frustrating with too many loading screens and maze-like layout
below freezing point, always simpler than remembered and my favourite iteration of the umbrella labs, but I just never actively wanna play it yknow?
decisions decisions, hot take but not hot on these puzzles, the poison, or boss

with this said, yeah, all are great and knowing file #2 is arguably even better? excited to replay it this year

Note: Reviewing this as someone attempting to play this game single-player.

SO I decided to try out RE: Outbreak! It's a multiplayer game that took advantage of the internet to make it a 4 player game, though I think these days it probably would've been better received, especially with microphone and such as opposed to just doing vague commands.

This can be a real pain in the ass, especially as your characters all have only four inventory slots so trying to combine items and such gets really annoying. You can change items with what you have in your inventory, but because it's multiplayer you don't have time to access your menu AND the gun doesn't reload by itself, you must do it via the menu, even with a spare pistol clip that makes it faster. Why they didn't program the reload you can do in other, older RE games is beyond me.

Beyond the issues of attempting to play this multi-player game solo, there were a lot of merits to the game for doing a few interesting things.

Each area had options to do things that'll aid in slowing down the zombies. One I found very useful was on the upper floor of the pub you start in, there's a nailgun and if you use it with wooden boards at the doorway, you can seal it up and have a little short movie where the survivors are reacting to what they just experienced and listening to a radio and learning about an evacuation point that becomes your new target.

I personally liked that little touch of being able to create little temporary barricades like that as that's something people would certainly do in a zombie apocalypse situation!

Back when this came out, even though I didn't have many friends, no one ever used the online network for the PS2 and in many cases, had no idea that it was even a thing! If they had tried this idea nowadays or even created a remake of this that allows for modern internet systems, voice chat and ect, then I can imagine this would be quite a hit!