Ring Fit Adventure

released on Oct 18, 2019
Ring Fit Adventure

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Ring Fit Adventure

released on Oct 18, 2019

In this fitness-focused title, you'll be moving the ring and a leg strap -- both of which house a Switch Joy-Con -- to move your character through a fantasy world.

At certain intervals, you'll be thrown into battles. These so-called "fit battles" play out like a traditional turn-based RPG. All of your attacks are triggered by completing a specific pose or stretch, with four attack types that target different parts of your body

The world will be broken up into courses that, upon completion, reward you with experience points. Levelling up will increase your character's base stats and slowly unlock new skills that can be utilised in battle.

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My recent obsession with Beat Saber has finally been the death knell for Ring Fit Adventure, after months of telling myself I'd return to Ring Fit one day hopefully. It just feels too much at points like I'm just being told an exact list of what to do by a personal trainer, which I very much get is the point but I much prefer how something like Beat Saber works as a game that I'd want to play even outside of the immense health benefits and that those health benefits are instead just a bonus for doing something I'd want to do anyway.

It doesn't help that the aesthetic is a lot. It's dorkiness was initially charming, but hours of hearing the same phrases over and over grows grating. It's hard for me to be too down on the game as I can see it works for a lot of people and clearly does some things very right, but it is not at all for me.

actually an effective exercise game which is insane. Not like Wii Fit. Most exercise games are ineffective because they're a game first and a workout second, this is a workout tool with RPG mechanics built-in to keep you motivated and addicted. It's excellent and there's nothing else like it out there. There are some pretty damn tough calisthenics in here too so you can get a real home workout with this.

I'd say the only downsides are that a few workouts are implemented poorly or detect badly, but there's workarounds to that. i.e. planks are implemented very poorly, but if you do push-ups instead the game will detect them just the same for that move. The skill balancing can also be pretty bad, with some very easy exercises being stronger moves than very difficult ones. Also this game obviously will not turn you into a ripped gigachad, but it will help you stay in decent shape. Overall one of the best purchases I've made.

Great exercising game, but it may get too tough at times

Really good workout, I'm just fat :(