Rogue: Genesia

released on Sep 19, 2022

Walk upon a new world and slay foes endangering it. Rogue : Genesia is a rogue-lite deck building game, where you fight relentless hordes consisting of hundreds and thousands of monsters, carve your path through their ranks, defeat the boss and save one of the many worlds.

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Rogue Genesia is yet another "reverse shmup" inspired by Vampire Survivors with a few interesting twists. The game offers bite-sized levels in a map layout similar to Slay the Spire allowing the player to choose their adventure branch as you make progress to the "top" of the map where a major boss awaits.
Levels vary in objectives from defeating X amount of enemies to surviving X amount of minutes and upon successfully completing levels you get coins and a new card for your deck to improve upon existing skills, stats, and/or weapons. The graphics in this game are very interesting, offering a 2.5D look with nice lighting and particle effects that stand out from the typical sprite and retro look of other reverse shmup games out there.
Overall, this is an easy recommendation considering its low price point.