released on Sep 18, 2018

A first-person narrative adventure game about exploring a cult compound in the remote New Mexico desert. Discover the lives of the former inhabitants -- what brought them together, what they believed, and why they ended it all.

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This review contains spoilers

A decently creepy and atmospheric walking sim that actually manages to build off the tension it slowly establishes for 80% to a surprisingly interesting climactic third act revelation.
The voice acting in this, however, really kills some of the authenticity. The cult leader's acting/dialogue is especially unconvincing considering how his followers revered him as such a revelation.
Worth a shot

An interactive walking simulator that tells a story about an end to a cult. For a walking simulator, I really enjoyed the story.

Very atmospheric and knowledged little exploration of the type of people that are manipulated into sects and those who benefit, some aspects here and there are a bit too exaggerated and some items are in too convenient or weird places.
But it's still a game that knows when to shut up, presenting the information in a way that lets you figure things out by yourself, not casting judgement on anyone in particular but simply showing how things were and how they affected people.

Eu comprei o Sagebrush pensando que era um jogo de terror, mas fui surpreendido com outra coisa.
O jogo basicamente tem o seu foco na narrativa o que não é algo direto, mas sim um grande quebra cabeça que necessita que o jogador leia todos os arquivos para compreender a história como um todo.
E o bom, é que ele é bem feito o suficiente para intrigar o jogador e fazer com que se interesse mais nele.
O jogo leva em torno de 2/3hrs para ser completado, então não espere algo muito longo.

Walking sim that was very linear. Go to one area, find something to unlock the next, rinse and repeat until the end of the game. Story didn't grab me as much as I hoped

I interact with quite a lot of horror media. At this point, visual stuff never really does it for me. I’ve seen basically everything there is to see. This game really shows how sometimes less is more. There is no gameplay in this game. You walk, press a button and then listen and that’s basically it. But my god this game kind of fucked me up. Prior to this, I had never gone out of my way to watch any horror media that was about cults but after playing this game, I have really started to. This game made me realise how truly fucking horrifying cults are and I feel like it’s something most people do not properly grasp. If you just want to play video games for the exciting gameplay and cool jumpscares - and I don’t blame you - you will downright dislike this game. My advice is to not play it. However if you’re willing to let yourself be lost in a disturbing story for an hour or two, then I can’t recommend this game enough. Again, I knew little about cults prior to playing this game but even as I played it I had one thought in mind; this feels like such a real depiction of a cult. And I think that’s how the horror in this game really works. This feels like a story that really happened and these tapes were really recorded by the victims. Such a disturbing story but honestly this is one of those games that when I walked away from it, I just kept thinking about it and I doubt I’ll forget about it anytime soon. Really cool visuals, a very immersive story and it made me realise that cults really fuck me up! Definitely recommend to anyone who’s willing to give it a shot.