Shrek SuperSlam

released on Oct 25, 2005

Shrek SuperSlam is a fighting video game featuring characters from the Shrek series of films.

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Genuinely decent, pretty good roster, too. I'm a Pinocchio main.

Bazı güldüyüm yerleri vardı ama genel olarak buda kötü bir oyun yani god of War ve resindet evil 4 ün çıktığı bir yılda ben bu oyunu nasıl seveyim ama oyunun komik yerleri için 3 veriyom

This review contains spoilers

This is a pointless game, but it's not bad. The Story is that Shrek tries putting Donkey's kids to sleep by reading them stories about fairytale creatures beating each other up, the story is a nice clever way to explain why they are all fighting each other. The Graphics are good for a PS2 game, but not great, but for a simple idea of a Smash game, they work for what is it. The Gameplay is fun, you use weapons, grab and attack other fairytale characters, and the idea of fairytale characters attacking each other is executed well in this game, and there is a power attack unique to each character, to make you want to play as different characters, and doing challenges make you unlock other characters, increasing the fun, but the only problem is that, well it's not amazing, it is what it is, and there's no more to it so it's not a great game, it just does its job well for a play or 2. Music is alright, but you won't care for it after the game is over. Shrek super slam is a good game to play a few times, that is beaten by other games that do more to what they have.