Simple 2000 Series Vol. 105: The Maid Fuku to Kikanjuu

Simple 2000 Series Vol. 105: The Maid Fuku to Kikanjuu

released on Sep 08, 2006

Simple 2000 Series Vol. 105: The Maid Fuku to Kikanjuu

released on Sep 08, 2006

During the dusk of one day, the girl maid Yuuki, who may act reckless at times, was secretly protecting her future master who was returning home from school. This future master was summoned to his grandfather’s villa and found himself facing a large robot army and a man with a hideous face. Faced with so many enemies, Yuuki had to reveal her identity as the secret bodyguard. What is the identity of this master who is attacked by sexy maids and giant robots? And why is that? The key is linked to a certain secret closely related to him…

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its so needlessly mean to look at a simple series game and be like "i don't like this". like obviously it's going to be jank and undercooked. it's made to be a quick bit of fun for a ps2 owners on a budget. these controls are going to make my hand disintegrate and die though. they seem fine until you try to a-rank a level and realize the important buttons are absolutely not where they should be. maybe i'll pick this up again and just remap the controls and see if i can set the circle button as a turbo. on a positive note the idea is cute and if you don't care about rankings or 100%-ing the game then it'll be at least a little bit of fun. it does nothing for me.

Really really on that Deadly Premonition shit, where it's fundamentally broken & extremely jank but dammit I couldn't help but love this stupid little game.

For one thing, this is specifically a budget title, and if compared to some of the other entries in the Simple Series on the PS2 this is essentially like Citizen Kane, relatively Lawrence of Arabia in scope. The controls are weird and kind of awkward but it's still way too easy for how short it is, it doesn't look particularly good (but again for a budget title it's alright?) and like the name it's super simple...

but it's just so cute and charming. As everyone said, it's basically just the most anime version of Terminator 2 possible, with a KAWAII maid protecting a little fancy lad and fighting off little evil dolls. Love the little face portraits & the animated cutscenes; for how brief this is that's the stuff that really shines. If you get the fan translated rom, give it a go, it's so short even if you hate it it'll be over and done with like nothing.

I can safely say this is one of the worst games I've ever played. By an extremely long shot.

Couldn't beat the final boss, but it's a perfect in my eyes. It's the kind of games makes you want to make your own game.

Fun, decent, Simple 2000s game. Cute art and a cute fun story about a time-traveling maid robot with guns and katanas. It's fun. It's short. That's it.

If you've ever played a Simple 2000s title, you know what that means, if you didn't, well, it's a series of simple budget titles from people who wanted to put something out there but not a AAA or even an AA game. The action titles are usually short, sweet affairs (like Onechanbara) and often have some EXP or Rank system to encourage people to replay stages and add more value to the game.

The ranking system in this one is ridiculously aggressive with its requirements and it's best to just ignore it if you want to have a good time.