Sonic Omens

released on May 03, 2021

This fan game tells the story of why chaos emeralds are no longer used in recent Sonic games. What events took place after Sonic Unleashed before Sonic Lost World, which prevents the characters from using chaos emeralds?

What secrets do the temples of Chaos Emeralds hide?

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I should probably outright hate this but the story and voice acting got too many laughs out of me

Kalik deja a ese gato ahora mismo

sonic fans caring about something so dumb is funny

Vou ser sincero, no começo eu estava amando esse fangame, as cutscenes, a gameplays, até a ost! Mas conforme as fases foram passando, dava pra ver a falta de polimento e a dificuldade desnecessária, eu sei da treta toda que esse jogo teve, mas eu não vou dar nota baixíssima pq o criador do fangame é um merda.