Space Channel 5: Part 2

released on Feb 14, 2002

Hey there, SpaceCats – meet Ulala, the grooviest reporter in the galaxy! She’s got attitude, and she’s got moves. Help her get the scoop on an unidentified Dance Troupe that has captured thousands of people and is forcing them to dance!

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Space Channel 5: Part 2 is an improvement over the original while being a solid enough rhythm game
The biggest thing they've added that I think was needed was the midway checkpoints. In the first game, there are four stages, but eventually, they start to get longer, and if you lose all of your hearts, it's back to the beginning. That was one of the things that killed a bit of the experience for me because you have to go through the 10 minutes all over again because you screwed up one part of the stage. It was a much-needed addition to Part 2 because later stages can go up to 20 minutes of rhythm and in-game cutscenes. Don't get me wrong, it's still frustrating, but the game is more tolerable now
Another issue I had with the first game was that some parts felt like it was off-sync. There are parts where I got the move right, but the game registered that as incorrect. That was the most annoying part of the first game, and that has been fixed, for me at least
I feel the music is better compared to the first, and I like how they've fleshed out the characters a bit, including my favorite, Space Michael
Space Channel 5: Part 2 is the definitive Space Channel 5 experience. I know I've been talking about the improvements in this review, but it feels like the developers have learned from the first game and made something better. If you want to try out the series, get Part 2 on PC. If you're going to try out both games, get the Special Edition on PlayStation 2; that's where I played it when writing this review. I may not think this is a great game, but it is genuinely a Dreamcast classic

A repeat-after-me rhythm game similar to classics in the genre like PaRappa the Rapper. But whereas PaRappa uses hip hop and absurdism as a lens to examine themes of self-worth and masculinity, Space Channel 5 evokes the energetic spirit of musicals and dance to embrace a bombastic femininity. This game makes no apologies. It's sexy. It's in your face. It's got a beat that you can't get out of your head no matter how many times you hum that three horn note ending motif in the shower while posing like Ulala. The music has such an infectious energy to it and the presentation has such a ridiculous style that you can't help but smile the whole way through. I replay this game every now and then just to hear those blasting horns, mimic those sassy poses, and remind myself that sometimes a game can just be fun.

Fantastic and Funky. You really can't go wrong with Space Channel 5, it's a classic.

Such a charming game I am not sure why it took me this long to finally get around to it. I think I was smiling through the whole playthrough of the game and honestly I was simply not expecting someone who popped up in the game who I won't spoil because it was really a treat on its own.
The game itself is very simple consisting of a Simon says type of gameplay where you vibe and listen and repeat the actions. The game itself is very short but it offers some extra modes and a harder story mode once you finish the game. All in all most of you probably know this game already and probably love it just as much as I love it so I will leave it at this.
CHU CHU ........ HEY HEY !