released on Jul 22, 2016

You’ve fled your home, only to find yourself lost in space with a damaged ship. Your only option is to beam down to the planet below and gather the resources you need to repair your ship and set off to explore the vast, infinite universe…

In Starbound, you create your own story - there’s no wrong way to play! You may choose to save the universe from the forces that destroyed your home, uncovering greater galactic mysteries in the process, or you may wish to forego a heroic journey entirely in favor of colonizing uncharted planets.

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special place in my heart and the ost is banging, but the game is repetitive and the fights aren't challenging

I used to live on this game.
This was the first game to really drag me into the whole "gamer" scene.
I used to love it.
And then I found out about how Starbound came to be and the people that were taken advantage of.
I refuse to recommend it to anyone and hope that one day the people who were taken advantage of and used get the pay and respect that they deserve.

huge letdown i thought it would be terraria in space but it crashes a bunch and the story is extremely redundant and boring

i have every achievement in this game but it isnt that good. terraria but in space + not as ugly + it has a story and has a fun modding scene

GREAT music and customization that beats terraria. But the game is so repetitive and story is so shit! Mods make it fun