Street Fighter Alpha 2

released on Feb 27, 1996
by Capcom

Street Fighter Alpha 2 is both a sequel and a remake to the previous year's Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams. The game features a number of improvements over the original, such as new attacks, stages, endings, and gameplay features. New characters in this version include Gen, Rolento and Sakura. Dhalsim and Zangief also return to the fight with some new moves.

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Love Akuma! Banger music.

Alpha 1 but more tolerable due to the not fucked up roster.

Getting closer to the best Street Fighter experience and I liked having an ending without Bison for once. I played as Sakura.

Really cute art, but the gameplay is frustrating

HUGE upgrade from Alpha 1. Character sprites somehow look even better and the game plays alot more smoother and improves on everything Alpha 1 brought to the table.
Rival battles make it so much more interesting this time around and character endings feel fitting for their respective characters arcade mode. Auto combos are also super fun to use.