Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon

released on Aug 31, 2012

Super Hexagon

released on Aug 31, 2012

Super Hexagon is a minimal action game by Terry Cavanagh, with music by Chipzel.

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If there's anything Terry Cavanagh can't do right, then he's wise enough to not bother putting it into his games.

Lots of people know about this game but I rarely see it being meaningfuly discussed so I'll mention the main things I liked and disliked from it.
Super Hexagon is a challenging game, but it's structured in a very smart way. Having the game be divided in three levels, each one divied in six 10 second long phases gives you short term goals which allow you to track your progress and feel encouraged to beat the considerable challenge of getting past hexagonest.
It is a shame though that while I was playing the game I was constantly getting mad at HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS NOT HAVE ANALOG CONTROLS? FUCKING PONG IN 1972 HAD ANALOG PADDLES

Very well-made arcade game, with great visuals, great audio, and simple but effective gameplay. But as a bullet hell and rhythm game disliker, I couldn't get into it.

Some of the best dialogue and character development I've ever seen in a game about hexagons

I randomly played this for the first time in like 7+ years, and I just gave each level one try then went up to the next one, and I finally beat it?

Definitely not for epileptics or those prone to motion sickness

my brain is not braining, i get dizzy playing these