Super Kiwi 64

released on Dec 02, 2022

Super Kiwi 64 is a 3D-Platformer and Collect-a-Thon, in a low poly late 90s console look.

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Kiwi gaming.
It's a short platformer in the style of N64 platformers (Banjo), it's more like a demo than a full game experience though.
Toree 2 is still better.

Cool game. Feels very nice to play. I wish this dev made a full fledged game.

Nice little experience, but totally forgettable once completed. Like eating a Big Mac. Enjoyable at the time, no lasting impression after.

Joguinho despretensioso, porém maravilhoso, que se inspira na Rareware do Nintendo 64. As músicas dele trazem um feeling de David Wise. Pena que é bem curto, dá pra zerar em menos 1 hora

Fun little game to play through and 100% in one sitting. Worlds were creative, but I wish Kiwi's movement were a bit more complicated. Traveling long distances became a bit of a chore when cleaning up levels 5 and 8.