Super Mario Bros. Wonder

released on Oct 20, 2023

The next evolution of 2D side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. games is headed to Nintendo Switch!

When you touch a Wonder Flower in the game, the wonders of the world unlock – pipes could come alive, hordes of enemies may appear, characters might change their looks, for example – transforming the gameplay in unpredictable ways. Excitement and different surprises await in each course. Super Mario Bros. Wonder features Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and Yoshi as playable characters, in addition to familiar characters like Mario, Luigi and Toad.

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The best 2D sidescrolling Mario in 30 years and the best sidescroller period since at least Celeste. Legit didn't think Nintendo had it in them for this type of game anymore.

It's pretty good. A great improvement from the "New" series. However, it feels like it's missing something to push it from a good game to a great game. I don't know what that something is though.

One of those games where I adore what it is, but I'm kind of more excited for the sequel that could expand upon what it's building.

Mario! Doesn't swing as hard as you might wish based on the potential of the gimmick, but it's a satisfying expansion of the New series into feeling like an actually New Game, plus playable Daisy! Daisy :3

This game is wonderful (please laugh).
This game is a breath of fresh air for 2D Mario. Now I'm not as hard on NSMB as most people are (I think they are solid and well made 2D platformers), but this game is on a whole other level. Everything just feels so fresh, both the new stuff and returning elements. And no aspect of the game overstays it's welcome, but unlike some games it doesn't go too far in the opposite direction. If a mechanic is fun enough it will turn up again in a later level.
And then there is the topic of the Wonder Seeds. Before we even get into the main gimmick just having some of the collectaphon elements of 3D Mario is a great way to spice up the more linear 2D offerings of the series. And as for the wonder effects themselves, they are a brilliant way to add variety to the gameplay. A lot of them end up altering the game in ways that go beyond what a mere stage gimmick or power up can offer.
And on the topic of power ups each one is a joy to use. The fire flower obviously returns and is the typical offensive move it has always been. But all of the new ones go a long way to making the game stay entertaining. Surprisingly the game is lacking the now traditional flying power up, a welcome change in my opinion as I believe they can sometimes be a bit too OP.
But power ups aren't the only way to change up your moveset. New to Wonder are the badges. These alter how the player controls in various different ways. From extra moves like a glide, more passive abilities like the higher and floaty jump usually reserved for Luigi (all characters except for Nabbit and the Yoshis have the same moves and physics), helpful perks that make the game easier like getting a free super mushroom when staring a level/respawning or challenge badges, such as constantly running without being able to stop.
All that is to say don't pass on this game if you think 2D Mario has been getting stale.

Brilliant game, and the best platformer since Super Mario World in my eyes. Damn near perfect from beginning to end, brimming with personality and creativity on every single level. I only wish it was a bit more challenging.