New Super Mario Bros. Wii

released on Nov 12, 2009

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a side-scrolling 2.5D Mario platformer for the Wii and the tenth game in the Super Mario series. In addition to the single-player experience, New Super Mario Bros. Wii also features a multiplayer mode for up to four players. This is the first Super Mario game to feature co-op and vs. modes at the same time since Mario Bros. It features more items, new levels, and more enemies than the DS predecessor. The game introduces two new power-ups, the Propeller Mushroom and the Penguin Suit, which turn characters into their propeller and penguin forms, respectively.

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My childhood! A good platformer.

Me ha costado mucho más de lo que me gustaría admitir, pero me gusta. Es un juego que se siente extremadamente genérico una vez ves que es lo mismo que el resto de los new super mario bros. Pero es un buen juego, aunque no uno especialmente original o trascendente.

ngl this was probably the first video game I ever played and definitely sparked my love for them

My personal favourite of the New Super Mario games. I remember watching the reveal trailer for this game and being so excited for it to come out.
While I get today the New Super Mario format has become overdone I still love this one and my fiancé and me had a blast playing together. Multiplayer is fun even if it can lead to arguing. The levels keep things fresh with unique mechanics and fun level design. Overall just a real fun experience I come back to every once and awhile