The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

released on Nov 04, 2014

A remake of The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a top down, procedurally-generated roguelike game, remade based on the original game The Binding of Isaac. You play as Isaac, a little boy who is chased to the basement by his mother who intends to kill Isaac for her savior. You explore different levels, collect items and try to defeat your mother.. and whatever other evil awaits you. If you die, you restart with none of your items you collected, and you must explore the basement and beyond again.

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I will never forget my excitement when I found out that Isaac released on New 3DS. I've been wanting to play it for soooooo long, but never had a PC to run it.
It's so weird, people always say that the new 3DS had no games, which is kinda true... Yet Isaac being on there made it completely worth it for me. I just love Isaac so incredibly much.
But tbh, going back to Rebirth is rough nowadays. Nevertheless, I'll never stop appreciating the new 3DS for what it accomplished for me: Letting me play what is now my favourite game of all time for the first time

a very classic rogue like. More random/wild than anything but a very gross/unique setting and pretty addictive.

bitches be like "why wont this game give me good items 😭"
mf why dont you be a good item and get good

why the hell would i play this when i can just play rogue