The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

released on Nov 04, 2014

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a top down, procedurally-generated roguelike game, remade based on the original game The Binding of Isaac. You play as Isaac, a little boy who is chased to the basement by his mother who intends to kill Isaac for her savior. You explore different levels, collect items and try to defeat your mother.. and whatever other evil awaits you. If you die, you restart with none of your items you collected, and you must explore the basement and beyond again.

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I played too much of this game

um dos melhores roguelikes que já joguei e jogo

Um dos poucos jogos do estilo que gostei, não é tão complicado de aprender e tem uma ambientação bíblica muito estranha mas que funciona bem, talvez exagera um pouco no humor nojento mas nada demais.

I love logging in DLCs as played games to pad my gamer stats

Great game, very replayable but can be hard to get into