The Closing Shift

The Closing Shift

released on Mar 18, 2022

The Closing Shift

released on Mar 18, 2022

The Closing Shift is a Japanese horror game about a girl on a closing shift.

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my favourite chilla's art game out of all the ones I've seen

I think this one captured the slight unease of late night shifts better than the convenience store or night delivery did

Lo vi de Juan. Te hacen trabajar y luego te gritan en la cara.

the stories just gets better with each release!

chilla's art seems to get better with each game they put out, but this one was a little off for some reason. the sequences all seemed a little odd, but it was fine despite the bumps!

Game direction was its biggest flaw. In my opinion it didn't really fuse the working and horror element together like I hoped it would. Besides that, it does nail those scary stalker moments well.

ambientação muita boa, controles ruins mas melhores que os os outros jogos, eu realmente gostei do sistema de fazer café jogo, e é um terror bem competente, me assustou, embora que eu seja medroso.

tem umas queda de fps bem paia