The Closing Shift

released on Mar 19, 2022

The Closing Shift is a Japanese horror game about a girl on a closing shift.

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One of Chilla's best games to date.
The lack of paranormal horror in favor of real world horror was refreshing, and making coffee was honestly one of the most stressful things I've done in a Chilla's Art game in a while--it was very unique and fun!
Concise, short experience well worth the cheap price. A couple cheap jump scares, but the terrifying atmosphere of working at a coffee shop after dark more than makes up for it. I'd place this among their better works, just under Ghost Train and Convenience Store.

esse jogo é meu jogo de terror preferido, simplesmente porque não tem fantasmas, espíritos, monstros, só pessoas, e a situação toda se torna extremamente real é uma das melhores experiências que eu já tive com jogos de terror (e olha que eu só assisti a gameplay)

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the damn lady scared me more than the actual stalker

horror isnt really good but i really liked the cafe simulator parts lol

Another one for my "games that were really short and yet still somehow outstayed their welcome". Coffee part was okay, sort of compelling
Whilst I am not the arbiter of what is tasteful/appropriate and what isnt, I think most would agree we should not have violent sexual assault as a failure state in a videogame. There is nothing that it says or conveys or anything, its just making a horrific real life event into pure shock factor and "motivation" for the player to suceed. Its shitty, its boring and its dumb.