The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

released on May 01, 2002

First-person WRPG and third mainline entry in the Elder Scrolls franchise in which the player arrives in the island of Vvardenfell, an exotic land plagued by disease-carrying storms and ruled by a godly Tribunal, in the Morrowind province of Tamriel, and takes part in the prophecy foretelling the second coming of Nerevar, who will supposedly save Morrowind from malicious clans both within and outside Vvardenfell.

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(review originalmente escrita em 01/02/23, eu só quis migrar ela pra fora da versão GOTY)
me tirou a coceira que eu tinha ganhado depois de ter ficado um mês longe de um pc que rodasse fallout new vegas e apesar de não ter atingido os pontos altos daquele jogo eu fico um tanto triste que não fazem mais hoje jogos desse tipo hoje em dia, com esse nível de exploração sem quest marks e designs esquisitos inspirados em insetos. eu posso ter usado mais dos comandos de console na reta final do jogo do que eu geralmente uso, foi bom. eu gostei

Incredible game. A lot of people say this is the best Elder Scrolls. I personally think another is better though. Possibly due to nostalgia.

I played it a bit... It was really interesting and there was a lot to like about it, but the combat was just........ Left a lot to be desired.

an objectively flawed game that I enjoy tremendously, huge amounts of customization and RPG elements and an interesting and diverse world. everyone in the world is racist to you so A+ for realism too

Possibly the best fantasy setting in any game.
The buggy janky mechanics fade into the background against the sheer unique brilliance of Dunmer culture, environment and history.
- finished the Main Quest in vanilla version once

why did it take me 10 years to get round to finishing this