The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

released on Jul 26, 2021
by Capcom

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

released on Jul 26, 2021
by Capcom

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is the official English localisation of 'Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken' and 'Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Kakugo' - collecting both 'The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures' and 'The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve' into one package.

Play as Ryonosuke Naruhodo, ancestor of Phoenix Wright, to solve mysteries and defend clients with the ace detective Herlock Sholmes across both England and Japan.

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This game, bar none, is the best Ace Attorney experience I’ve ever had, one of the greatest gaming experiences I’ve ever had, to the point I doubt these two incredible games will ever be topped, in their series or otherwise. They didn’t drop the ball a SINGLE time in this entire collection, to the point where “good” doesn’t aptly describe a single one. Every single case is on par with some of the series’ greatest, a great cast of interesting characters, a great overarching story, great investigations, great trials, it has EVERYTHING.

This review contains spoilers

for the collection itself, its satisfactory. the costumes being GAA2 exclusive was dumb, albeit understandable because they were technically in that game only originally. i think being locked at 30fps as well as having inherent resolution issues was lame, though mods can easily fix that (apparently there was audio issues too but i dont care about FLACs or whatever)

GAA1: i think that its one of the best ace attorney games straight up, herlock is one
of the best characters, and i think a lot of the others were super neat too. I think case 1 being one of the hardest and probably longest case 1s was fun, and this was a good one to boot. case 2 being entirely investigation shocked me, but i think it was overall for the best. case 3 was interesting because youre so obviously defending the guilty party. case 4 was a decent case, though, i wouldnt call it something special. case 5 was really easy, but it was also an amazing case and an easy favorite.
GAA2: i think that this one relied on 1 a little bit too much. i think case 1 was a mixed bag, it was way too easy, but it just dragged on and on, i figured everything out as soon as male aya was introduced, and had already figured out the how and why before that anyways. case 2 was another soseki case, and i dont particularly mind him, but i dont think that 1-4 was one of too much note to ride the coattails of, although, i did enjoy 2-2 more than 1-4. case 3 was really neat, but harebrayne's side of the story was definitely not the interesting part. cases 4 and 5 being different was a cop out just so there would be 5 cases, and honestly i would have preferred there just be 4 cases in the game. i think that herlock having created holograms and robot walkie talkies was also going too far.

review of Adventures, the 1st game
a bland ace attorney with boring cases (except the last one maybe), bad rhythm, a new soundtrack that isnt exciting at all and annoying baby simple new mechanics

von zieks had potential and hes cool and all i guess but the game decided that he cant express emotions and he cant talk longer than 5 words

example of bad rhythm: really telling that whenever phoenix (and the player) had a big revelation he crushed every objection of the prosecution maintaining momentum. meanwhile ryunosuke flinches at the slightest counter, making you wait during his lament before finally presenting the next obvious evidence that you knew anyway from the start

as a plus this is the first 3D ace attorney that doesnt look terrible and some animations are actually great, but still not as good as apollo justice (nintendo DS game)

i have written way too much about this game

susato my beloved

This is truly the best Ace Attorney has to offer

From the best soundtrack to the best storytelling, this duology is where Takumi shines at displaying how much he's improved. More concise trials, almost everything in both entries linking together to form a nigh perfectly cohesive story accompanied with equally strong character writing.

His grasp on his wackiness and mystery hasn't left him one bit with how colourful the side cast is while making them more human than ever by utilizing the new setting.

I don't have much more to add without spoiling but some of the themes and dialogue exchanges in this game are basically poetic, it's insane how contrasting it is to older entries at points all the while keeping its core charm.

The minute I booted up this game I felt all of the almost five years it's been since Spirit of Justice hit North America. While I wish these games didn't take this long to get localized, I'm ultimately happy I got to play them back to back as they're essentially two halves to one whole. Not that they're bad games standalone just the first game creates and leaves so many loose ends I imagine it was just begging you to buy the sequel when it came out.

Outside of all that, the stories are good, the characters and the writing are good, the music is great, the new mechanics for the trial and investigation periods are great and the presentation is absolutely fucking phenomenal holy SHIT.