The Last of Us

released on Jun 14, 2013

A third person shooter/stealth/survival hybrid, in which twenty years after the outbreak of a parasitic fungus which takes over the neural functions of humans, Joel, a Texan with a tragic familial past, finds himself responsible with smuggling a fourteen year old girl named Ellie to a militia group called the Fireflies, while avoiding strict and deadly authorities, infected fungal hosts and other violent survivors.

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i got this with my ps4 and literally just did not progress the story at points cus i was busy walking around taking in the environment. story was rly good

amazing sound design and visuals for a ps3 game. awful lighting system making everything WAY too dark, annoying combat with nearly impossible to aim with guns, annoying stealth that kinda just works when it wants. difficulty on normal was even too hard and i cant be bothered to finish it after dying for the millionth time. maybe ill try again if they port part 1 to pc

Multiplayer is great
Singleplayer is a glorified zombie cover shooter
The DLC is pandering pedo bait

one of the best game stories ever made, i still think about this game to this day

TODA NARRATIVA MEUS AMORES, Isso aqui devia ser considerado patrimônio cultural da humanidade. Toda estrutura desse jogo, desde os diálogos até as interações dos personagens, Naughty Dog você acertou HORRORES