A third person shooter/stealth/survival hybrid, in which twenty years after the outbreak of a parasitic fungus which takes over the neural functions of humans, Joel, a Texan with a tragic familial past, finds himself responsible with smuggling a fourteen year old girl named Ellie to a militia group called the Fireflies, while avoiding strict and deadly authorities, infected fungal hosts and other violent survivors.

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I love this game. purest form of love. Left Behind ADDS to my love for this game. so Story wise? Amazing.

But the Hitter for this game that people don't acknowledge as much? GROUNDED DIFFICULTY.
I ain't never seen such a grueling difficulty done SO WELL in ALL MY LIFE OF GAMING. THIS difficulty TRULY puts you in the spot of a post-apocalyptic world. the way you think, the way you scavenge, the way you HUNT, the way you SALVAGE what you have, this difficulty encourages a Last of Us experience unlike any of the difficulties below them.
This difficulty is a MUST for people who want that TOP NOTCH experience. Seriously, this difficulty never ceases to amaze me.

Also, enemy placements and level design in general are top of the shelf, honestly. this shit was too fun.

this game is wonderful and is such a powerful story, and is just a great survival horror game too good lordy lord

A moody, creative twist on the zombie genre. And I'll never forget those giraffes.

I'm never playing the sequel. There was no sequel.