A third person shooter/stealth/survival hybrid, in which twenty years after the outbreak of a parasitic fungus which takes over the neural functions of humans, Joel, a Texan with a tragic familial past, finds himself responsible with smuggling a fourteen year old girl named Ellie to a militia group called the Fireflies, while avoiding strict and deadly authorities, infected fungal hosts and other violent survivors.

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Such an amazing game with a thrilling story, many spooks, superb gameplay and just nice presentation overall.

I've said it already, but the gameplay was absolute fire.

The story was super compelling and the characters were extremely likable. What a heart wrenching experience till the very end.

taps mic

“i think that the last of us is…fine”

audience erupts into rapturous applause

controls like dogshit but a good watch on yt

Besides maybe Telltale's Walking Dead, this is my personal favorite zombie apocalypse story. Hits so many of the right notes, even if they were a little more than familiar at the time. While it obviously borrows liberally from other zombie and post-apoc media it has a clear identity and really strong characters. The ending is also quite great, even though the sequel kinda kills some of its ambiguity.

The gameplay works, the ammo management and on the fly crafting and gathering are serviceable but nothing specatcular. It can get a little frustrating due to spotty AI and a type of infected that breaks that rules of how encounters with them have gone thus far, but it was mostly pretty good. The AI companions just not being able to be caught is nice, even if it can sometimes break immersion.