The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II - Crimson Sin

released on Sep 29, 2022

A new, further polished story following The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki's first chapter, which depicts the people living between the light and darkness in the Republic of Calvard, with the young Spriggan Van Arkride as its protagonist.

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5 stars even though I didn't understand this game one bit

La trama podría haber sido mucho mejor, pero es un juego muy disfrutable. Las 30 horas que dura tienen momentos muy de relleno (el capítulo 3 zzz), pero otros momentos muy guays. La pelea final es un locuron.

This review contains spoilers

Definitely should've been Kuro 1.5 but what else is new with Falcom. Although it got a bit silly at times, I can appreciate that they tried to make the game more interesting than Kuro 1. Which is why both of them shouldve been one game or this one be a large DLC for the first game.
Combat is the peak of the series at this point, they've really hit their stride on character animations, with highlights being Shizuna, Swin, and Renne's crafts. They are so stylish and fast paced that this feels like what Falcom games would be if they had any budget.
Music is more consistently good than the previous one, but with less standout tracks. Overall I'd say that is an improvement over listening to the singa boss themes of Kuro 1 a million times. Koguchi's boss theme is one of the best boss themes of the series, and the Marchen Garten battle theme is my favourite of this game, I hope Falcom gives him more battle tracks.
One of my favourite parts of this game was the addition of the Marchen Garten, similar to the reverie corridor but the environments in this one are seriously gorgeous to look at. It's also a really fun place to just get your fill of combat in between long story beats or side quest hell.
The prologue is literally the best prologue of the entire series, the tone and writing is honestly great. It was an amazing way to begin the game. The rest of the story feels quite self contained in the Calvard Arc, and there is very little progression for the overall Kiseki story, which I was disappointed about. I look forward to the lore dump that is coming in Kuro 3 that will make me appreciate the first two games more, thanks falcom.
LASTLY, the final boss, wow. The most fun and insane final boss fight in the series, I love how creative they got with this one.

This review contains spoilers

act 3 haha...