The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II - Crimson Sin

released on Sep 29, 2022

A new, further polished story following The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki's first chapter, which depicts the people living between the light and darkness in the Republic of Calvard, with the young Spriggan Van Arkride as its protagonist.

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if u dislike this game the series aint for u

Crimson Sin Review - tldr any kingrecon video
A year has gone since kuro no kiseki released and won both veterans fans that grew wary of Cold steel and others such as myself who wanted to see something fresh but still in line with what the series is about.
Of course, questions were left in the air with certain characters and plot threads which a lot of the fandom grew intrigue and started anticipating for the next game. Anticipation was through the roof and people thought Crimson Sin would answer everything.
Why am I saying this at all? Because I think it's best to talk about how I anticipated kuro 2 compared to my peers or other people in the fandom. Going in with barely any expectations I felt gave me more to enjoy and appreciate. I dodged a lot of the promotional material as I wasn't finished with the first game which may have been a life saver somewhat.
This game wasn't gonna solve everything nor is it even "filler." A lot of the complaints originally felt hollow and just meaningless as majority of the reviews came a day after release with half baked summaries from chinaman stream.
These comments feel as if they detract heavily from what kuro 2 was meant to be about from day 1 and how much it feels like an achievement for Falcom in my eyes atleast. It's the most interesting game to me just from how it's structured and took from the best game in the series with a route structure.
The game focuses on the eight genesis after all, a plot line brought forth by the first game and left a mystery since the ending after collecting the 7th genesis. Development to characters such as quatre, risette, swin, renne, feri and so forth and with some of the best moments in the arc thus far that feel integral to the arc as a whole are brought up. Hajimari is consistently brought up and this game feels like a continuation of a lot of the ideas, character stuff and more.
My vision of what Crimson Sin was going to be felt more in line with what was given to me with way more twists and turns that I had thought. It felt nice to play a trails game without knowing spoilers and twists. Intermission was an example of this, what a fucking chapter.
Was I satisfied? Hell yeah even would go out to say this is in my top 2 games in the series because of how much I think I love from the gimmick of this game, the mystery, antagonist roster, side quests so on and so forth.
Though, my biggest praise to this game is the main gimmick, god that was so much fucking fun. Yeah, there maybe some actual funny usages of it but a lot of the time I really loved it.
As I said earlier, it's character moments are so well done and emotionally hit me in the feels, with it also being the point where I feel the Arkride Solutions group grew on me so much and the overall Calvard cast might be my personal favourite as of right now.
Would I say its perfect? Damn near outside of a bit of act 3 which I feel has may have been given too much flack and has been exaggerated in terms of criticism I feel. Of course, I understand some complaints but people saying it ruins the game for them feels funny to me. I'm not gonna sit here and say "I know its flawed blah blah blah" fuck off. I don't care. I really loved the act after all.
LGC points matter less here because of the emphasis on the main gimmick which I understand but really want them to be used next game as how kuro 1 was.
Theres also the music, which I enjoyed a lot but some may also feel inclined to say it doesn't work well. There's a few used tracks from kuro 1 but this is so normal for falcom so it's become a really whatever comment as I loved that soundtrack. (Yeah Kill me I love singa!!! Woooo singa yeah!!!)
Cutscenes have probably jumped up in quality for me, some of the best usage of them thus far in the arc. One especially went crazy and caught me off guard.
Final boss... yeah that shit probably the best one no doubt. It uses EVERYTHING at it resources and doesn't fail to make you blind sided at moments.
Though I think I haven't been as vocal on how much I love this arc, feeling as my thoughts may feel a bit more regurgitated, this game turned it up a notch. Falcom is trying their hardest to put a lot of new ideas into these games which works so well. I want to see what they do next.
Side note, I can't wait to replay this. Probably more to praise whenever I do get to it.
Update : Some really interesting stuff was shown and left off really nicely,
"To be continued... KURO NO KISEKI FINAL CHAPTER."

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