The Mortuary Assistant

released on Aug 02, 2022

Having completed your degree in mortuary sciences, you have taken on an apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary. Over the past several months you have logged many hours aiding the Mortician in daily tasks along with learning the ins and outs of the embalming process as well as how to properly handle and care for the deceased.

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Super buggy, frequently making a shift incompletable, forcing you to guess which demon it is, or locking your progress on a body completely, stopping you from progressing. You've seen all the scares and hallucinations by the times you've gotten all 5 endings like I did.

um dos poucos casos onde um monte de jumpscares na sua cara realmente funcionam.

el juego podria tener potencial si no se basara en ser un producto de youtuber/streamer barato que se trata de sacar sustos con cosas de la nada o mierdas asi, hay muchas mas formas de hacer miedo/terror, no solo hacer jumpscares de mierda

Very good! A little rough around the edges but the gameplay is moreish and approachable and genuinely interesting without ever feeling like it's trying to gross you out, which would have just felt insulting to the titular profession. It's a little short but with multiple endings there's plenty of reason to replay. It's a little over-reliant on jumpscares at times and seems insistent on undercutting itself just as it's really getting tense with it's atmosphere, but overall a good experience! A game that feels made for streaming but works well at home too.

This game is so good. The story, sound, and scares are surprisingly amazing for a one man operation. I still have one ending to get that is pretty random but even so!

Bit short but thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole concept is very unique and despite the game's reliance on jumpscares it's still good. It knows what it is and uses that to it's advantage. It has moments whether I'm questioning whether I actually saw something or not and I love that type of horror when it's done right. I'm also pretty sure most of the scares are randomly generated and that works well. My only issue is the length and the fact that some of the demon models look straight out of Roblox but excusing that it's a pretty solid horror game.